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Did you drop your bill accidentally? Or perhaps you haven’t received it yet? Or, if you’re not sure, you can request an exact copy in the flash of an eye on our website. It sounds pretty life-saving, doesn’t it? In the past, people were less fortunate. The only way they could obtain duplicates was physically contacting their utility companies, no matter how far they needed to travel. The entire process could take several hours, often longer than that, and meant standing in long lines during the blistering and bitter summers. But all that is in the past, and it’s not so much anymore. Let’s assist you in shedding the old ways of doing things and enjoy the benefits provided by our Duplicate  FESCO Online Bill check-in system.

FESCO Online Bill Check بجلی کا بل

Review your FESCO bill online on electronates.com. It’s a no-cost website that lets you look up your Duplicate FESCO Online Bill quickly. There you can see your current bill amount along with the due date and view the entire bill. You can download a copy of the bill or print the FESCO bill WAPDA to pay. Enter your 14-digit reference number below to verify your FESCO Online bill.

You can look up your duplicate bill FESCO for commercial, residential or industrial electrical connections. All you require is the 14-digit reference number which you can put in the input box above, and you’ll then receive the FESCO online bill. Check out the image below to see where you can find the reference number for FESCO:

FESCO Online Bill


FESCO is the short form of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. The FESCO provides electricity to nearly 4.01 million consumers. The total estimated population within the territory of FESCO is more than 26 million.

FESCO is among the most reliable electricity distribution companies that operate in Pakistan for its operational performance since there is a little loss within its power distribution system however; on the other hand the cost of collecting bills is much higher. The main area of service is Faisalabad also known as Manchester of Pakistan due to its numerous textile industries.

How can I view the status of a FESCO bill on the internet?

FESCO Online bill checker has a reputation for creating convenience for consumers. It lets you retrieve an exact copy of your utility bill for electricity within a short time. If you’ve lost your paper bill, don’t fret. All you require is an internet connection that is stable and a computer to access the invoice information. Therefore, follow these easy steps to FESCO online bill checking:

  • Click here to be directed directly to FESCO WAPDA online bill-checking page.
  • As shown by in the box with red, you will need a 14-digit reference. The digits are available from your previous electricity bills with the company.
  • Click “submit” to submit your request “submit” button to recover the invoice in digital format.
  • Print it out for the easy bill payment online option to pay the bill.

FESCO Coverage Area:

FESCO is responsible for the supply and maintenance of electric power in the following areas:

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Khushab
  • Jhang
  • Bhakkar
  • Toba Tik Singh
  • Chinot

Parts and components that make up FESCO Online Bill 2022

Many of us do not pay attention to the helpful numbers and letters on bills for utility services. Without thinking about it we look up the amount due to pay and then expect the next bill to be delivered. It is possible that we are not willing to pay it, but the reason could be our inability to comprehend this information. If that’s the case, don’t fret the following guide will correct the way we think about it once and for all.

1.) Identifiers

The colored boxes in the red area, they comprise the name of the customer, their complete address for residence as well as reference numbers the customer’s ID, the meters number, which is assigned to your connection to determine the owner of the electric power channel.

The Customer ID 11-digit and 14-digit reference number found on the FESCO online bill check 2022 are two unique codes given to consumers in order to keep the identification system efficient. For instance, individuals might have names that are similar but no reference numbers. These codes are the ones you’ll need to use to make the FESCO online bill check print.

2) Essential Dates

With a glance you can see the dates that are listed on your bill on the internet FESCO duplicate with the following intent:

  • Connection date: This is the day on which your connection was established.
  • Invoice month: Representing the invoice for the month to come.
  • Date of reading: The day that the meter reader read the readings from your electronic meter.
  • Date of issue: Represents when your utility company issued the utility bill.
  • Date of due: The date at which your bill needs to be paid or you’ll have to pay the penalty
3) Billing History

The name suggests this is the percentage of consumed electricity throughout the year, including monthly installment. When you analyze this information it will help you make the right choices regarding your home or business setup and make plans to reduce your electricity consumption.

The “0” in the unit column means that there is no power consumption due to a disconnected connection or a meter malfunction.

4.) Charges Calculation

It may seem confusing However, the math isn’t difficult at all. To figure out the number of units consumed, you just need to subtract the previous and the current month’s readings. Be aware that meter readers can occasionally give incorrect values, and that’s why you should double-check the reading yourself. After that, the company’s energy costs and Govt costs are combined to calculate the final amount.

A significant amount of the due is these taxes imposed by the government as well as the service providers:

Tariff: A tax that is imposed on imports of products and services through the federal government.

GST = General Sale Tax (an indirect tax on services and goods)

FC Surcharge: The charges that appear on the FESCO electricity bill are financing Cost Surcharge, which is a fee for service.

“ED” (Electric Duty): Rate per unit of electric power used

5.) Contact Information and Complaint Contact Information

The entire calculation process isn’t immune to errors which means you may be charged for electricity you didn’t even use. In this case, you must make sure you check the readings on the meters and determine the units on your FESCO electric bill on the internet using simple subtraction. If there is a miscalculation it is possible to contact the provider of the service and receive assistance before it’s too late.

Furthermore, you could inform them of an issue with your meter or you’ve witnessed theft of electricity within your community. It’s not surprising that the contact details will differ for different sectors of power.

FESCO Peak Hours / Off-Peak Timings

FESCO’s industrial and commercial customers must know when peak hours are and what the off-peak hours will be. By using the table below, users of FESCO can conserve electricity and lower their expenses. According to FESCO rates, the price per unit varies based on timing. The peak times are associated with higher rates per unit. On the other hand, outside of peak times, low rates per unit are associated with. To lower your bill for utilities in peak times, limit the amount of energy you use. FESCO suggests reducing your electricity usage during peak times. This will lower your electric bill as well as help stabilize the electric supply to the region. These are the peak times for FESCO:


FESCO Peak Timing

FESCO Off-Peak Timing

Dec to Feb5 PM to 9 PMRemaining 20 hours
Mar to May6 PM to 10 PM-do-
Jun to Aug7 PM to 11 PM-do-
Sep to Nov6 PM to 10 PM-do-
FESCO Peak Hours

It is essential to reduce energy use by turning off all additional lighting. Don’t use the air conditioner, or If you want to utilize it, adjust your thermostat to the setting of 26° Celsius or higher than.
Inverter appliances have been proven to show a significant reduction in the price of electricity. Suppose you’re thinking of buying an appliance that is going to be utilized all day long and night. In that case, you must think about purchasing an inverter appliance like inverter refrigerators, as well as inverter AC, for example.


FESCO Online Bill Payment بجلی کا بل

If you’ve received a FESCO bill, you can pay it through the internet or offline. Here is more information about how to pay:

Online Payments: may make payments on the FESCO utility bill at every branch of commercial banks as well as post offices. A printed copy of the bill is essential for offline payment.

Pay on the internet: you can pay your bill online using any bank. You can find information about your online banking account from the branch of your bank and after that, download the bank app to pay your bills quickly. Alongside accounts at banks, you can make payments on you FESCO bijli Bill by using EasyPaisa and JazzCash.

FESCO Helpline

  • Phone Number +92 (41) 4220184 – 9220229
  • Fax: +92 (41) 9220233
  • UAN # 080066554

Safety Guidelines


  • Never use naked conductors or cables for electricity extension.
  • It would be best if you always used the correct plugs, switches, and connectors.
  • You should not hang clothing with electricity cabling.
  • Always use an automatic voltage regulator with a delayed start for deep freezers, refrigerators, and televisions.
  • When using an air conditioner, make sure to use the right capacitors and MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers).
  • Electric motors, pedestal fans, and metallic parts of the washing machine should not be touched without removing the electrical connections.
  • Fuse each component with the appropriate size fuse.

Conservation of energy

  • Don’t forget to turn off lights, equipment, and other electrical appliances if they’re not being used.
  • Use fluorescent and mercury vapour lamps instead of traditional electric bulbs.
  • Fans and motors should be loaded with the appropriate capacitor size, and inductive loads should be considered.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it possible to check the FESCO’s invoice with a mobile or CNIC?

A: You can’t, but you could try it out using a reference number.

Q: How can I change my name on my FESCO WAPDA bill?

A: You can to apply to change your title by visiting your local office. The process to change title is similar to the procedure for the process for making a new connection.

Q: What is FPA at FESCO’s electricity bill?

The word FPA refers to the term “Gas Cost Adjustment. This method is used to alter the price of electricity in response to the fluctuation of gasoline prices. This FPA cost is controlled by the price of gas for leasing power companies that generate electricity using Crude Oil.

Q: Where can I calculate FESCO electricity bill?

A: You’ll be able estimate the fesco bill calculator by entering reference number here.

Q: Can I pay my FESCO utility bill?

A: Your current bill cannot be used to pay however in the event you are owed fees (arrears) on the invoice; you’ll be eligible to receive payments for the amount at which you’ll also be required to pay interest in accordance with the rates of banks.

Q: How can I submit a request for invoice correction?

A. If you think that your total bill amount is incorrect, you can call customer support and explain your issue.

Q: How a prospective consumer can get a new connection?

  1. Prospective buyers can obtain an application from the Sub-Division located in the area of their choice at no cost.
  2. The form that is filled in must be filed to the Sub-Division. There, the clerk responsible will issue a receipt to acknowledge that it has received the form.
  3. The Sub-Division will handle the application for a new connection, and the connection will be set up within one month. If a connection cannot be installed because of technical or other reasons, the client will be informed of the reason for rejecting the application.

Q: What is the method of recording reading?

The reader will record the reading on the meter by going through the door. Any reading he takes note of is entered on the Meter Reading Record and simultaneously on the Meter Reading Card held by the customer. The consumer will be aware of what units he consumes.

Q: How can a wrong bill be corrected?

Consumers should inform the concerned Sub-Division or Revenue Office if any bill contains errors.

Q: How many grace days are given for deposit of electricity bills?

07-days period is allowed for depositing the electricity bills.

How do you check FESCO Bill online?

  • Visit the website for Electronates.com
  • Enter your billing reference (14 digits).
  • Click on “View/Download Bill.” You will see a screen with all of this information, as well as when it’s due!
  • You will get duplicate online bill by reference number

Head Office FESCO

Online bill check FESCO

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FESCO MIS (Management Information System) Online

FESCO Telephone Directory 2022

NameDesignation & OfficePhone OfficeCell #
Muhammad AfzalS.E (O) , S.E (O) 1st Circle041-92006410345-1501004
Abdul Hafeez NadeemDCM , 1st Circle FSD041-92004830345-1501524
Sheeraz SheikhT.O , 1st Circle FSD041-92005950345-1500756
Muhammad Ameer KhanXen (O) , Civil Line Division041-92003070345-1500480
Muhammad Ahmed NadeemSDO , Civil Line Fsd041-92011940345-1501006
Muhammad TalhaSDO , Islampura Fsd041-93308520345-1501007
Sarmad HussainSDO , Tariq Abad Fsd041-93308470345-1501008
Zabee Ullah KhalidSDO , Sargodha Road Fsd041-85861910345-1501009
Shahzaib Ali LiaqatSDO , Hajiabad Fsd041-87884040345-1501011
Rashid Mehmood SarwarSDO , Millat Town Fsd041-87672320345-1501012
Mubashar Ameer LaraSDO , Muslim Town Fsd041-93308890345-1500473
Muhammad Nadeem SajidRO , R O Civil Line041-92011800345-1501528
Rana Muhammad AfzalXen (O) , Abdullahpur Division041-92201970345-1502746
Zafar RamySDO , Madina Town041-92202390345-1501038
Adnan MasihSDO , Mansoorabad041-85540540345-1501039
Sajjad MahmoodSDO , Gutt Wala041-85047000345-1501040
Farhan AnwarSDO , Jaranwala Road041-24234250345-1501042
Ahmar AyubRO , RO Abdullah Pur041-92201900345-1501538
Faisal Shafi RanaXen (O) , Chak Jhumra Division041-85275550345-1501037
Waqar KhanSDO , Chak Jhumra #1041-87612910345-1501015
Imran ShahzadSDO , Chak Jhumra #2041-87612490345-1501016
Waqas AslamSDO , Khurrianwala041-47125650345-1501017
Zulfiqar Ali ChadharRO , RO Chak Jhumra041-85275500345-1500908
ShafqatullahSDO , City Jaranwala041-43122180345-1501021
Talat BashirSDO , Lahore Road041-43122190345-1501022
Muammad AneesLS/SDO , Faisalabad Road041-43129010345-1501023
Muhammad NaeenSDO , Satiana041-46006170345-1501024
Muhammad TahirSDO , Khanuana041-47165450345-1501025
 LS/SDO , Sarwar Shaheed041-43129500345-1501026
Wqaleed IqbalRO , RO Jaranwala041-43122630345-1501027
Ali Waqar WarriachXen (O) , Chiniot Division047-92100600345-1501028
Syed Fazal AbbasSDO , Chiniot Division S/D # 1047-92100520345-1501029
Ali Sher AmanSDO , Chiniot Division S/D # 2047-92100610345-1501030
Ghulam Murtaza AbbasiSDO , Chiniot Division S/D # 3047-92100840345-1501031
Muhammad SaleemSDO , Bhowana047-62010190345-1501032
Moazam MansoorSDO , Bukhrian047-63220410345-1500314
Muhammad ArshadRO , RO Chiniot047-92100570345-1501036
Zeeshan HaiderXen (O) , Lalian Division047-66113360345-1502176
Imdad AliSDO , Chenab Nagar047-62123730345-1501033
Muhammad Asif ShahzadSDO , Lalian # 2047-66111490345-1501035
Ahmad Ali ShahS.E (O) , S.E (O) 2nd Circle041-93300600345-1501510
Muhammad Iqbal Khan NiaziDCM , 2nd Circle041-93301540345-1501002
Nauman FarzandT.O , 2nd Circle041-93301170345-1501513
Imtiaz Ahmad WarriachSDO , Peoples Colony S/D041-93304850345-1501539
Mian QayyumSDO , Samundri Road S/D041-26690230345-1501540
Waqar AhmadSDO , Batala Colony S/D041-93305020345-1501541
Saeed Ur RehmanSDO , Allama Iqbal S/D041-24058430345-1501542
Muhammad Nadeem AkhtarSDO , Garden Colony S/D041-85474740345-1501543
Muhammad ImtiazSDO , Dijkot S/D041-34002240345-1501544
Asad Ur RehmanSDO , Kareem Town041-93304990345-1501545
Rana NaveedRO , RO Peoples Colony041-93304870345-1502726
Rao Muhammad ZubairXen (O) , Nazim Abad Division041-26449800345-1501511
Akbar AliSDO , Saman Abad S/D041-26609680345-1501519
Zahid AbbasSDO , Nazimabad S/D041-26333280345-1501520
Arbab Haider AliSDO , Factory Area S/D041-93301160345-1501517
Umair RazaSDO , Jhang Road S/D041-25504630345-1501522
Haider AbbasSDO , Thekriwala S/D041-92392280345-1501523
Waseem AsgharRO , RO Nazimabad041-92004810345-1501516
Muhammad Naeem JavedXen (O) , G.M. Abad Division041-93302360345-1501512
Faisal NizamSDO , G.M. Abad S/D041-25904200345-1501526
Murad Ali ShahSDO , Faizabad S/D041-92390160345-1501527
Anayat AliSDO , Gulberg S/D041-93300670345-1501525
Sajjad AliSDO , Razabad S/D041-26944500345-1501532
Asim Ali SarganaSDO , Narwala Road S/D041-87971230345-1501533
Ajay KumarSDO , Sadar Bazar041-93302260345-1500826
Ghulam HaiderSDO , Rehmat Town041-93302270345-1500828
Mudassar SohailSDO , Madina Abad041-93302280345-1500857
Iqra SameerRO , RO G.M Abad041-26958880345-1502889
Muhammad AhmadXen (O) , Samundri Division041-92400120345-1500141
Rao Altaf KashifSDO , City Samundri S/D041-92400170345-1501534
Shoaib RehmanSDO , Rural Samundri S/D041-92400160345-1501529
Qamar Uz ZamanSDO , Gojra Road S/D041-34227530345-1500753
Muhammad AhmedSDO , Muridwala S/D041-34015460345-1501536
Muhammad Shoaib KhanSDO , CH. Sharif Gojra Road041-92400140345-1500753
Ahtisham YounasRO , Samundri Division041-92400220345-1500289
Muhammad ArifXen (O) , Tandlianwala Division041-34411910345-1501518
Muhammad ArshadSDO , Tandlianwala City041-34424250345-1501535
Muhammad ShoaibSDO , Tandlianwala Rural041-34411580345-1501302
Ishfaque AliSDO , Killianwala041-32142150345-1500549
Javed AhmedSDO , Mamunkanjan S/D041-34025260345-1501530
Sajjad AliSDO , Rahmay Shah S/D041-32122420345-1501531
Ahtisham YounasRO , RO Tandlianwala041-34411960345-1500225
Nazar MuhammadS.E (O) , S.E (O) Jhang Circle047-92002200345-1500352
Liaqat Ali AwanT.O , Jhang Circle047-92002220345-1502003
Masood AfzalDCM , Jhang Circle047-92002230345-1502507
Mudassar Ali SheikhXen (O) , Jhang Division # 1047-92002240345-1502004
Sana Ullah SoomroSDO , Ashraf Shaheed047-75002260345-1500329
Junaid AslamSDO , Jhang Rural047-92002290345-1502023
Athar RasoolSDO , Maghiana047-75025580345-1501308
Muhammad RasheedSDO , Satlit Town047-92002280345-1502027
Bilawal RattharSDO , Civil Line047-92002180345-1502050
Haroon YaseenSDO , Khewa047-76822200345-1502025
Muhammad Masood AfzalRO , RO Jhang Division # 1047-92002130345-1502021
Fazal Abbas ShahXen (O) , Jhang Division # 2047-92002300345-1500397
Fakhar AbbasSDO , Jhang City047-92002260345-1502005
Zargham AbbasSDO , Jhang Sadar047-92002270345-1502022
Muhammad Ismaeel KhalidSDO , Sargodha Road047-76610450345-1500398
Ali AdnanSDO , Shah Jewna047-76406110345-1502026
Sajid Pervaiz AkhtarLS/SDO , Akarianwala047-76400170345-1502024
Imran GoheerSDO , 18-Hazari S/Div047-50536200345-1502058
Talab HussainRO , RO Jhang Division # 2047-92002160345-1500346
Nasir AbbasXen (O) , Sultan Bahu Division047-53108250345-1502015
Amjad HussainSDO , Shorkot (C) S/Div047-53108230345-1502016
Muhammad Waqas NoorSDO , Shorkot (R) S/Div047-53118230345-1502052
Aamir ShahzadSDO , G.M. Raja S/Div047-56441090345-1502053
Ali AdnanSDO , Ahmad Pur Sail S/Div047-53407660345-1502051
Muhammad SaleemRO , RO Sultan Bahu047-531085260345-1502049
Abid BashirXen (O) , T.T. Singh Division046-92011180345-1502010
Hafiz Adil RehmamSDO , T.T. Singh S/Div. (C)046-25121770345-1502034
Abdur Rehman ShafiqueSDO , T.T. Singh S/Div. (R)046-25151900345-1502035
Raheel NumanSDO , Rajana S/D046-22635510345-1502036
Mahmood AhadSDO , Shorkot (Cantt) S/Div047-55092750345-1502037
Muhammad ShahbazRO , RO T.T Singh046-92011230345-1502032
Muhammad Tufail RandhawaXen (O) , Kamalia Division046-34136010345-1502017
Faiz AhmedSDO , Kamalia S/Div. (City)046-34130850345-1502059
Madan LalSDO , Kamalia S/Div. (Rural)046-34126980345-1502057
Muhammad BinyameenSDO , Pir Mahal S/Div. (City)046-33602580345-1502056
Zulfiqar AliSDO , Pir Mahal S/Div. (Rural)046-33668660345-1502055
Suleman BashirRO , RO Kamalia Division046-34136000345-1502054
Mureed HussainXen (O) , Gojra Division046-92000510345-1502012
Sajid AliLS/SDO , Gojra (C) S/Div.046-92000570345-1502039
Asad AliSDO , S/Road S/Div.046-92000630345-1502060
Shah Zaib AliSDO , Gojra (R) S/Div046-92000500345-1502040
Asad Ali (Addl)SDO , Pensra Road S/Divn046-92000490345-1502013
Sajid Ali (Addl)LS/SDO , Nia Lahore S/Divn046-35600420345-1502041
Ubaid UllahRO , RO Gojra046-92000550345-1502038
Shahbaz MahmoodS.E (O) , S.E (O) Sargodha Circle048-92323930345-1502514
Muhammad ArshadDCM , Sargodha Circle048-92323730345-1502002
Aftab AliXen (O) , Ist Division Sargodha048-92303950345-1502506
Nadeem AslamSDO , City S/Div. Sargodha048-92303910345-1502561
Ahsan JahangirSDO , Aziz Bhatti Town S/Div048-37262640345-1502562
Rana Muhammad ZahidSDO , Nishtarabad048-37920000345-1500149
Muhammad Naveed IqbalSDO , Tariqabad S/Div048-37502080345-1502522
Rabia Abbas RathorRO , RO Sargodha Ist Division048-92303810345-1502520
Maroof AhmadXen (O) , Sargodha 2nd Division048-32100930345-1502503
Muneeb ShafiSDO , Islam Pura S/Div.048-37003200345-1502529
Yasir AamarSDO , Kot Farid S/Div048-37100330345-1502524
Noor KhanSDO , S/town S/Div048-32161700345-1502508
Tariq WarraichSDO , Baghtanwala-1 S/Div.048-37822290345-1502528
Usman Jahangir RatoorSDO , Baghtanwala-2 S/Div.048-37800010345-1502563
Mrs Mudassra RehmanRO , RO Sarogha 2nd048-32168290345-1502523
Mudassar AhmadXen (O) , Sargodha-3rd Division048-92305050345-1502505
Sardar Muhammad RashidSDO , Civil Line S/Div. Sargodha048-92303970345-1502550
Rana Muhammad AmjadSDO , Silanwali S/div048-65313430345-1502548
Tufail AhmedSDO , Sahiwal S/div-1048-67860330345-1502549
Muhammad Awais SaeedSDO , Sahiwal S/div-IInd048-92390400345-1502517
Nasirr Ali ShahSDO , Shahpur S/Div048-63100720345-1502551
Ahmad TariqSDO , Jahwarian S/Div048-67991090345-1500154
Asif AliRO , RO Sargodh 3rd Div048-37680260345-1502559
Haroon AhmedXen (O) , Bhalwal Division048-62510560345-1502510
Shahzeb MemonSDO , City S/Div Bhalwal048-92330060345-1502530
Ali MurtazaSDO , Bhera S/Div048-66907150345-1502564
Zaheer AbbasSDO , Kot Moman S/Div048-66814190345-1502518
Muhammad Zahid QureshiSDO , Phularwan S/Div048-66102020345-1502531
Anwar Ahmed PrinceSDO , Purana Bhalwal S/Div048-92330140345-1502565
Muhammad ShoaibSDO , Sardar Poor Noon S/Div048-65120880345-1502566
Inam Ullah JoharSDO , Bhabra049-68724180345-1500159
Asif Ali ChannaR.O , R.O Bhalwal048-92330080345-1502509
Babar RiazXen (O) , Jauharabad Division0454-9200570345-1502511
Saddam HussainSDO , Jauharabad S/Div.0454-9200660345-1502567
Javaid AhmedSDO , Khushab-1 S/Div.0454-7122230345-1502532
Gehna KhanSDO , Khushab-2 S/Div.0454-7125960345-1502570
Malik AltafSDO , Quaidabad S/Div.0454-7709160345-1502568
Kifayat AliSDO , Naushera S/Div.0454-6105260345-1502569
Hafiz Abdul RaheemSDO , Jauharabad Rural S/Div.0454-9200670345-1500157
Ghulam Qadir UttraSDO , Noor Poor Thal0454-8502450345-1500158
Qasim ShahRO , RO Jauharabad0454-9200560345-1502560
Jam Gul Muhammad ZahidS.E (O) , S.E (O) Mianwali Circle0459-3505060345-1501242
Manzoor AhmedT O , S.E (O) Mianwali Circle0459- 
Hassan Ali MansoorDCM , Mianwali Circle0459-93505070345-1502512
Ghulam Mustafa DaharXen (O) , Mianwali Division0459-9200310345-1502504
Nazir AhmadSDO , Urban Mianwali S/Div0459-9200340345-1502536
Inam Ullah KhanSDO , Rural Mianwali S/Div0459-9200360345-1502572
Muhammad HussainSDO , Shahbaz Khel S/Div0459-2309280345-1502577
Muhammad YaseenSDO , Liaqat Abad S/Div0459-2012220345-1502533
AbdullahSDO , Kundian S/Div.0459-2425460345-1502535
Najmul HassanSDO , Wan Buchran S/Div0459-3961660345-1502573
Hassan Ali Mansoor (Addl)RO , RO Mianwali0459-9200380345-1502512
Zaheer Abbas MalikXen (O) , Kala Bagh Division0459-3955030345-1503590
Muhammad WaqasSDO , Kala Bagh S/Div0459-3958190345-1502534
Ali AbbasSDO , Kamar Mashani S/Div0459- 
Wajahat AliSDO , Essa Khel S/Div0459-2852580345-1502571
Ejaz HaiderRO , RO Kala Bagh0459-0345-1501248
Muhammad Sohail KamranXen (O) , Bhakkar Division0453-92001160345-1502014
Muhammad Farooq AzamSDO , Bhakkar City S/Div0453-5129790345-1502045
Shahid AzeemSDO , Bhakkar Rural S/Div0453-92000970345-1500834
Kifayat UllahSDO , Jhang Road Bhakkar S/Div0453-92001150345-1502044
Muhammad Moazzam ManzoorSDO , Bhel Road Bhakkar S/Div0453-4320440345-1502061
Shahid AzeemSDO , Mankera S/Div0453-4101420345-1500847
Waseem GullRO , RO Bhakkar0453-92000070345-1502042
Ismat UllahXen (O) , Darya Khan Division0453-2221160345-1500846
Muhammad Abid KhanSDO , Darya Khan(C) S/Div0453-2220920345-1502043
Abdul Sattar (LS)SDO , Darya Khan (R) S/Div0453-3221480345-1502046
Sheheryar KhanSDO , Kaloor Kot S/Div0453-2009690345-1502047
Muhammad Ayaz KhanSDO , Jandanwala S/Div0453-4409690345-1500853
Muhammad RashidSDO , Dullewala0453-4451330345-1500849
Muhammad AbdullahRO , RO Darya Khan0453-2221300345-1501301
Bashir AhmadChief Executive Officer , FESCO Chief Office041-9220184 
Abid RashidStaff Officer , FESCO Chief Office041-92201830345-1500224
Muhammad SaleemGM Operation , FESCO Chief Office041-92201500345-1500270
Ghulam NabiDD (O) , FESCO Chief Office0- 
Bashir AhmadG.M/Chief Technical Officer , FESCO Chief Office041-92202320345-1500808
Muhammad NawazChief Commercial Officer , FESCO Chief Office041-92205760345-1500707
Nasar Hayat MakenDirector General (HR&A) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202470345-1502688
Ghulam FarooqChief Engineer Operation , FESCO Chief Office041-92200520345-1503333
Umar HayatC.E (Development) PMU , FESCO Chief Office041-92201590345-1500303
Muhammad AamirDirector (PS&C) , FESCO Chief Office041-92206900345-1500230
Muhammad WaqasDD (P&S) , FESCO Chief Office0- 
Shabbir AhmadC.E (O&M) T&G , FESCO Chief Office041-92202130345-1500087
Muhammad NawazChief Engineer (P&D) , FESCO Chief Office041-92201790345-1501411
Athar AyubSecertry Addl Charge , FESCO Chief Office041-92202110345-1500212
Muhammad SaeedPD (Construction) , FESCO Chief Office041-92201820345-1501230
Ghulam Mujtaba KhanDirector (CM) , FESCO Chief Office041-92205090345-1500212
Athar AyubAddl: DG (HR) , FESCO Chief Office041-92203700345-8640094
Athar AyubAddl DG (Admn) , FESCO Chief Office041-9220231 
Ghulam Mujtaba KhanAddl DG L&L , FESCO Chief Office041-92204780345-8640094
Mahmood AliDy Director A&S , FESCO Chief Office041-0345-1501438
Aamir Mehboob IlahiDirector (S&I) , FESCO Chief Office041-2643052 
Mahmood AliDy Dire (HR) , FESCO Chief Office041-92203770345-1501438
Umair AhmadDD (Tech) , FESCO Chief Office041-92204700345-1500307
Ghulam Nabi MemonDD Operation , FESCO Chief Office041-92203900345-1500261
Rizwan AliDy Director , FESCO Chief Office041-92204570345-1500886
Muhammad Saeed RazaDD Safety , FESCO Chief Office041-92202070345-1500906
Saqib Hussain GilaniDD DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-85037660345-1500243
Muhammad NasirAssistant Director DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-92204330345-1500235
Habib Ur RehmanAssistant Director DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-85037660345-1500239
Bahzad HussainAssistant Director DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-92202880345-1501458
Miss ShaguftaAssistant Director DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-92205140345-1503593
Asia SumarAssistant Director DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-92202870345-1500232
Afshan RindAssistant Director DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-0345-1503594
Muhammad NasirAssistant Director DCC , FESCO Chief Office041-92204330345-1500235
Abrar Ahmad KhanDirector (CS) , FESCO Chief Office041-92201760345-1500039
Saddique AkbarSE (HQ) Dir Complaints , FESCO Chief Office041-92205740345-1501043
Muhammad KhalidDy Dir (CS) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202430345-1501514
Rizwan MazharDy Dir (Comm) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202340345-1501019
Mubashar HayatS.E (TS) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202190345-1500354
Hafiz Nazir AhmadDirector (MM) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202240345-1500686
Muhammad AhtishamDirector MM Disposal , FESCO Chief Office041-92203360345-1501563
Zohaib RehmanDy Director (MM) , FESCO Chief Office041-0345-1500599
Syed Mughees Mohy-Ud_DinDirector (MT&CM) , FESCO Chief Office0- 
Khalid MehmoodChief of Audit , FESCO Chief Office041-92201810345-1500271
Umar Hayat Khan NiaziDirector (Audit) , FESCO Chief Office0- 
Dr. Muhammad ShoaibMS WAPDA Hospital (Emg) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202040333-8367877
Nazir AhmadCFO , FESCO Chief Office041-92202420345-1503303
Nazir AhmadDirector (Corporate Accounts) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202360345-1500677
M® Muzaffar Qadir MalikAddl Director (Security) , FESCO Chief Office041-92204460345-1502880
Muhammad KashifDy Director (Transport) , FESCO Chief Office041-92203810345-1501110
Shakeel HaiderXEN (Civil-I) , FESCO Chief Office041-53898830345-1500449
Shakeel HaiderXEN (Civil-II) , FESCO Chief Office041-92201930345-1500449
M® Akhtar MalikDD (Intl) , FESCO Chief Office041-92202160345-1500330
Muhammad Saeed RazaDy Director (PR) Addl Charge , FESCO Chief Office041-92202820345-1500231
Syed Masood Hussain ZaidiWapda Magistrate , FESCO Chief Office041-9220553 
Faisal Raza MarthProject Director GSC , FESCO Chief Office041-26427510345-1500707
Muhammad RashidXen (T&G)”C” GSC , FESCO Chief Office041-92300710345-1500411
Waqas BaigSE (GSO) , FESCO Chief Office041-92300620345-1502516
Muhammad TayyabXEN (SS&T 1) , FESCO Chief Office041-92300650345-1500492
Muhammad Sarfraz AhmadXEN (SS&T II) , FESCO Chief Office041-92300640345-1502516
Ali Nawaz KhanXEN (SS&T Sargodha) , FESCO Chief Office048-92303940345-1502543
Muhammad AtharXEN (SS&T Mianwali) , FESCO Chief Office0459-9201900345-1502553
Muhammad ArshadSports Officer , FESCO Chief Office0-0345-1500751
Shoaib RasheedChief Engineer Thermal , FESCO Chief Office041-92300130304-4242650
Haq NawazSE 500 KV Gatti , FESCO Chief Office041-92301360335-7401661
Base Work ShopNishatabad , Base Work Shop041-9230252 
Base Work Shop Petrol Pump, Base Work Shop041-9230250 
Itrat HussainDirector General (IT) Addl Charge , FESCO Computer Centre FSD041-92205860345-1501411
Muhammad Imdad UllahDirector (MIS) , FESCO Computer Centre FSD041-87111240345-1500504
Abdul HyeeDy.Dir(E.R.P) , FESCO Computer Centre FSD0-0345-1500510
Abid GhafoorDy.Dir(CC & B) , FESCO Computer Centre FSD041- 
Inam ShahzadDy.Dir(Data Base Admn) , FESCO Computer Centre FSD041-87320890345-1500514
Faisal ShahzadDy.Dir(Networking) , FESCO Computer Centre FSD041-92205870345-1500515
Muhammad Zafar TiwanaDy.Dir(MIS) , Fesco Computer Centre SRG048-92303790345-1502851
Muhammad AbbasDy.Dir(P/SA) , Fesco Computer Centre Jhang047-92202150345-1500507
Rana Liaqat AliAssistant Director (MIS) , FESCO Computer Centre FSD0-0345-1501589
Ghulam MustafaAssistant Director (MIS) , FESCO Computer Centre FSD0-0345-1501488
Sajjad Haider AwanDM(MI) , C.E. (P&D)0-0345-1500918
Muhammad AbdullahDM(MI) , C.E. (P&D)0-0345-1500280
Muhammad Munawar KhanDirector (Procurment) , C.E. (P&D)041-92203970345-1501550
Mian Muhammad RafiqueXEN , C.E. (P&D)0-0345-1501584
Muhammad RamzanXEN , C.E. (P&D)0-0345-1500447
Muhammad Khurram InayatDy Director (Planning) , C.E. (P&D)0- 
Muhammad BakhshAD (Planning) , C.E. (P&D)0- 
Rao Muhammad AliXEN (Construction) , XEN (Construction) Faisalabad041-92200040345-1506666
Muhammad ArslanSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) No.2041-92202200345-1500421
Hammad GhaffarSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) No.3041-2611533 
Muhammad Arslan RaoSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) ELR No.1041-92393350345-1500455
Arslan IqbalSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) ELR No.2041-26333290345-1500422
Abdur Rehman ImtiazJhang , SDO (Construction) Chiniot047-63353280345-1500458
Muhammad Mazher Iqbal MalikXEN (Construction) , XEN (Construction) Sargodha048-92303830345-1502543
Muhammad HanifSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) Khushab0454-7138810345-1500933
Samee UllahSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) ELR No.4048-92391790345-1500405
Muhammad Imran AslamSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) Jhang047-92004540345-1502030
Inam UllahSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) T.T Singh046-25139690345-1502009
Qaisar AbbasSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) 18-Hazari047-76456650345-1502029
Manzoor AhmedXEN (Construction) , XEN (Construction) Mianwali0-0345-1501207
Itrat HussainSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) Mianwali0459-2338610345-1502538
Muhammad ZubairSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) Bhakkar0453-92000980345-1502031
Irtaza HussainSDO (Construction) , SDO (Construction) ELR No.50- 
Zubda Tul ZiaXEN (M&T) , XEN (TS) Ist041-92202180345-1501537
Ammar ImtiazXEN (M&T) , XEN (TS) 2nd041-9200486 
Zulfiqar AhmadXEN (M&T) , XEN (TS) Sargodha048-92303890345-1500787
Muhammad Saleem ShahXEN (M&T) , XEN (TS) Jhang047-92004380345-1500401
Imran AliXEN (M&T) , XEN (TS) Mianwali0459-9200390345-1502007
Muhammad Kashif KaleemXEN TRW , TRW Faisalabad041-92202480345-1500419
Muhammad Farhan AliDy. Dir(MM) , MM WH & IM041-92202520345-1500440
Muhammad Iqbal JavedDD(MM) P&P, T&G , Material Management0- 
Rana Habib UllahAssistant Director , Material Management041-0345-1500403
Zafar Iqbal SiddiquiDM , Regional Store Fsd041-92202230345-1500348
Muhammad Abu BakarD M (R S) , DD R/Store Mianwali0459-2301720345-1502515
Adnan HumayunD M (R S) , DD R/Store Sargodha048-37677440345-1502514
Muhammad Habib UllahD M (R S) , DD R/Store Jhang047-92004270345-1502006
Abdul GhafoorDM , Warehouse Faisalabad041-92302510345-1500451
Farhan AliAssistant Director , Field Store(C) Faisalabad041-92202120345-1500315
Muhammad AzamAssistant Director , Field Store Sammundri041-92400200345-1500432
Gulab KhanAssistant Director , Field Store T.T. Singh046-25113900345-7575100
Muhammad Rizwan ShahidAssistant Director , Field Store Bhakkar0453-92000130345-1502048
Muhammad Shahid MehdiAssistant Director , Field Store Chiniot047-92100580345-1500214


If you are interested to visit FESCO online MIS follow the link.

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