Guardian Tales Platform Error 500

Guardian Tales Platform Error 500
Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 ,Since it was first released in 2020, Guardian Tales has become one of the most popular role-playing games. The game supports massively multiplayer gameplay and can be downloaded on several platforms, including Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Despite the fact that the game is quite well-made, there are still some flaws in it, and players will occasionally experience problems.

We are going to discuss the Guardian Tales platform error 500, as well as its potential causes and solutions, in the following paragraphs of this post.

What exactly is the root of this problem? – Guardian Tales Platform Error 500

The error 500 was reportedly triggered by a fire that broke out in a data centre located in South Korea, as stated by the Guardian Tales development team. 

At the time of this writing, the problem had been fixed by the team, and the game should now be able to run without any problems.

Having said that, this issue isn’t affecting gamers all over the world, therefore other common causes of the error include the following:

How can we make this better?

Here are five potential solutions for you to consider.

Restart your phone – Guardian Tales Platform Error 500

Restarting your device is one of the simplest solutions to this issue that you may try. 

The seemingly insignificant act of restarting your phone can resolve a number of problems that appear out of nowhere and appear to have no connection to one another.

Examine the connection to the internet – Guardian Tales Platform Error 500

Checking to see if you are currently connected to the internet is another important task that you should perform right now. 

Guardian Tales Platform Error 500

If you are using WiFi, check to see that you have a working connection and that there are no problems with the signal. 

When it comes to your cellular data, check to see that it is turned on and that you have adequate network coverage.

It is possible that your connection to the game’s servers is being hindered by a variety of seemingly random internet and connectivity issues. Restarting your router may help resolve some of these issues.

Delete the saved app data.

One of the most common reasons why an application could stop working properly is because its cache files have become corrupted. This will show you how to clear the cache for the game.

Guardian Tales Platform Error 500
  • Launch the Settings app on your phone and select Apps from the menu.
  • Click the Show all apps button.
  • Find the entry for Guardian Tales in the list, and then select it to move forward.
Guardian Tales Platform Error 500
  • Examine the storage and the cache.
  • Tap the buttons labelled “Clear storage” and “Clear cache.
  • After you have finished, restart the phone, and you should no longer see the error.

Update Guardian Tales

An app that is not up to date can potentially create complications. You should check to see if there are any game updates available, and if there are, you should install them as soon as possible to see if it resolves the issue. After you’ve finished, restart your phone and give it another shot.

Guardian Tales Platform Error 500


If upgrading the game does not solve the problem, your best chance is to reinstall the game from scratch and give it another shot. Reinstalling the game on the app can fix most, if not all, of these seemingly random issues that you are having with it, regardless of whether you are on iOS or Android.

Conclusion Guardian Tales platform error 500

In conclusion, the Guardian Tales platform error 500 is a common issue faced by players of the popular mobile game. This error message typically indicates a server-side problem and prevents players from accessing the game or certain features.

While the error can be frustrating for players, the best course of action is to wait for the developers to resolve the issue on their end. In the meantime, players can try restarting their device or checking for any updates to the game to see if the problem has been fixed. If the error persists, players can contact the support team for further assistance.

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