Jama Cloth Market Karachi

Jama Cloth Market Jama Cloth Market is one of the oldest and most well-known markets for cloth in Karachi. It is possible to purchase top clothes in the most modern styles at this market. There are a lot of markets within it, and they are famous for their fantastic collection. Jama Market Karachi is the top market in Karachi for purchasing fancy lady dresses, dupattas cut pieces, and women’s accessories for dresses like Laces, Tassels, buttons, tassels, and more.

Jama Cloth Market

Products in Jama Cloth Market Karachi

This Cloth Market Karachi is known for its Fabrics Wholesaler and Supply market. It is located within M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar Town, Karachi, Pakistan. It was established before the independence of Pakistan.
It’s also well-known for Bridal Shops where families of all ages visit Jama Cloth Market Karachi to purchase Bridal Dresses for special occasions. There is a wide selection of terms available, such as different designs, colours, Fabrics, Combinations, and many more are easily found using foam.

But, other items that are related to Ladies or Gents are also offered, such as Jewelry as well as undergarments, cosmetics and all sorts of toys and Kitchen Accessories, Computer Items and Designer Watches, Machinery, Ladies Abayas, Ladies Scarfs, Imported Jackets for Ladies and Gentlemen, various of shoes, and a few more fascinating items are popular on the market.

Price Range of Jama Cloth Market

In this Cloth Market Karachi, the entire range of products is offered at affordable costs. However, it is a very popular and crowded market during the early hours. Elegant thread work dress rates begin from Rs. 1500/-. The best quality wedding and party wear gowns start at Rs. 5000/-. Dapka dress-up dresses start at just Rs. 4000/-. The price of embroidered fairy net-maxi dresses is only Rs. 5500/- after bargaining. Actually, prices are relatively low in this market. Dapka dresses start at Rs. 4000.

Names Jama Cloth Market
Near By Landmark Sindh Service Hospital
Location Saddar, Karachi
Address Jama Cloth Market, M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Karachi

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