K Electric Duplicate Bill 2023

K Electric duplicate bill online is one of the best ways to ensure that you are up-to-date with your electric bills! When you have KE duplicate bill there is no need to be concerned if you lose the bill or forget it.

K Electric provides its utility bill to homes and has recently introduced K-electric’s bill payment online service that lets you get your bill by email. With this service, you will be notified about the due date of your bill as well as the bill’s amount along with other information. If you’re interested to download K Electric duplicate bill online, you can do it using KESC’s duplicate bill.

K Electric Duplicate Bill

The Bills are now able to be checked as well as paid on the internet. This article will explain how to verify K Electric duplicate bill online, and pay them online.

Apart from the actual copy of the bill, you can also access a duplicate Copy from the K Electric Online. The k electric Duplicate Bill Copy is crucial when you lose the original bill / original copy or tear it up by accident or fail to get it.

British Government had set up Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) in 1913, as per the Indian Companies Act 1882.

K Electric Duplicate Bill
K Electric Duplicate Bill

Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC)

In 1947, after the independence, Karachi city very drastically increased in size and population. KESC’s infrastructure KESC was not equipped to handle an abrupt increase in demand for electricity. In 1952, it was discovered that the Government of Pakistan had nationalized the company and took control of it to put in a massive investment into the infrastructure.

Government of Pakistan has constructed 8 new electricity-generating power plants with a power of 513 million volts over the time period between 1953 and 1980.

In 2005, the Government of Pakistan privatized it. It retained 26% of shares and transferred the rest shares to an international consortium the new owners will are investing in the infrastructure to boost its efficiency as well as the capacity to generate electricity.

Since 2009 Abraaj Capital led by Arif Naqvi as chief executive officer (CEO) has taken over the management of KESC.

In 1914, the KESC brand name changed into K-electric. The new logo, which consists of three feathers with blue, orange and green colors, was launched.

How can I access my Monthly K-electric Duplicate Bill Online?

Below are the steps to determine the KE Bill online:

Visit Electronates.com

  • Enter 13 digit account number.
  • Now you have the brand-new bill number and an exact date.
  • Click ‘View Full Bill to view the entire bill, or download a copy of the bill invoice.


Generate K Electric Duplicate Bill

If you’re still waiting for your K-Electric bill, you think about visiting the k-electric office to collect an original electricity bill. Don’t spend your time at the office however, you can print and look up your K-electric duplicate bill online from your office or home.

Click Here To View And Download KESC Bill

This link will take you to the to the page shown in the below image

We have two options which we can look up the amount of our bill. As we can see

  • Enter your 13-digit Account Number:
  • It is possible to find this 13-digit code inside your bills from last month. In below image you can view.
  • Consumer Number: This number is also mentioned on previous bills. Therefore, bill scan copies share copy below to aid the consumer.
  • Print the bill (a printed copy is accepted by every bank) and then pay it at the nearest Bank.

KE Bill SMS Service:

Invoice SMS service is an amazing feature offered by KE the official website. You can enroll for an annual bill by sending your account number and SMS and will receive your invoice by SMS each month before the date you expect. If you’re looking for an invoice message, we suggest this KE official website for you.

K-Electric 8119 SMS Service

In order to provide immediate services for its clients, K-Electric started 8119 SMS Service. After registering, customers will get timely updates about any K-Electric advancement in their region. Customers can make use of the SMS service to:

  • Enquire about the schedule of the load shed
  • Reporting of technical faults
  • Billing inquiries
  • Be informed about emergency outages that are planned or scheduled

How do I sign up for SMS Service to get k electric duplicate bill?

For Registration – type REG (space) your 13 digit A/C #(e.g. REG 0100087654321) and send out an email to 8119.

When you submit your request, you’ll receive a welcome letter which confirms your enrollment with K-Electric Mobile service.

How do I send SMS to 8119?

For Technical Complain

  1. For registered users, type COMP, then send a message to 8119.
  2. Non registered users For non registered users: Enter COMP (space) your 13-digit A/C #(e.g. COMP 0100087654321)and then send out an email to 8119.

Check Registered Accounts

Type ACCT and then send the message to 8119

How to De-Register?

For De-Registration – type UNREG (space) your 13 digit A/C # (e.g. UNREG 0100087654321) and then send an email to 8119.


K-Electric WhatsApp (0348-0000118) Service:

WhatsApp is probably the most used way of communicating today. So, K-Electric offers lunch WhatsApp Service to remain connected with customers around the clock.

The customer is now able to easily:

  1. Receive Duplicate Bill
  2. Raise each of the Technical & Billing Complaints
  3. Check the power status
  4. Download Income Tax Certificate
  5. Learn to apply for a New Connection

To use the WhatsApp facility, you must add the below URL to the WhatsApp contacts

K Electric Staff

K Electric supports a performance-driven company culture and concentrates on staff’s personal and professional growth. The board of directors at K Electric constitute of extremely accomplished and skilled people.

Shan A. Ashary is the chairman of K Electric, while Syed Moonis Alvi is the Chief Executive Officer.

For accessing the entire list of the Board of Directors, visit this https://www.ke.com.pk/investor-relation/board-of-directors/.

Experienced Professionals from K Electric, such as the Deputy General Manager discuss their amazing experiences working at K Electric and what it has taught them. You can read about their experience here https://www.ke.com.pk/our-people/your-career-at-k-electric/experienced-professionals/

Latest K Electric News

You can also access the different editions of their external electronic newsletter using this link https://www.ke.com.pk/media-center/ke-azm-external-newsletter/.

The monthly newsletter for the outside world contains all the important changes and events of the month. The primary goal of this newsletter will be to notify Karachi residents about recent developments, and also to inform them about what’s happening in the Energy Sector and K Electric related issues.

How do you check K Electric Meter Reading?

It is vital to understand how to interpret the Electric Meter. There are two kinds of meters. One is a Mechanical Meter, The alternative is a Digital or static Meter.

To accurately read the mechanical meter take note of the numbers on the meter starting from the left side, and disregard the final number that is on the right. To read correctly to read the Digital as well as Static Meter, read the numbers starting from the left, and disregard this after you reach the decimal. In addition certain electronic meters come with buttons. If you encounter any difficulties or issue, look up the K electric complaint number.

This button can be used to cycle through the numbers displayed. Check out the way K Electric smart meters look like.

K Electric Duplicate Bill Helpline

Office Address:

KE House, 39-B, Sunset Boulevard, Phase-II, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Contact Number:

92-21-3263 7133

92-21-3870 9132

For questions or complaints from customers, contact us at 118, or at 99000.

Email : [email protected]

K Electric Bill Taxes:

7.5% Tax on Electricity Bills Above Rs.25000/= On Non-Tax Filers.

If you’re a tax taxpayer, then you should be aware of your tax obligations. Beginning in July 2021, authorities of Pakistan has imposed the 7.5 percent tax on electricity bills over Rs.25000+. If your name appears on the list of taxpayers who are active in the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Update your information with K-Electric by clicking the link below to be eligible for the tax exemption;

Here’s a list of the most frequent taxes that you can find in the k electric duplicate bill:


FPA is Fuel Price Adjustment. The FPA price on the KE each month’s bill is paid by the cost of gas for leasing power companies that produce power from Oil. It’s possible to see this amount on your monthly statement every time there’s a fuel expense due.

T.R Surcharge:

T.R is the short form to obtain Tariff Rationalization Charge. This is NEPRA and it is the GOP tax gap. If it’s favorable it will soon be paid through GOP as “Subsidy”. In the event of an unfavorable gap it’s the Distribution Business Will cover GOP because “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR )”.

FC Surcharge:

FC means Lending Price. The management made the choice to charge forty-three paisa per each device as Hamilton’s academic Surcharge to obtain the debt-servicing portion of their Holding personal limited.

Deferred Volume:

This could be the amount you’ve decided to pay for within the same thirty-day time frame, as well after. There are no late charges for payments on the waive charges, but your subsequent statements could include this amount in full or in payments.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

This is the annual rate of tariff modification. You’ll see the amount will appear will appear on your bill after every few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions about K Electric Duplicate Bill (FAQs)

Q: Is it possible to access the KE invoice via phone # or CNIC?

A: You can’t, but you could simply test it using the account number.

Q: How can alter the names in the KE invoice?

A: You’re able to apply to change the title by going to the nearest office. The process to change the title is exactly the same as the procedure for the new connection.

Q: What’s Helpline for KE ?

A: Here’s the number to dial the helpline for KE: ++92-21-363 7133

Q: How can I pay the cost of my K electric duplicate bill?

A: Your current bill cannot be used to pay however in the event there are charges (arrears) on your invoice, you’ll be allowed to make payments on that amount, but you’ll also have to pay the interest according to the bank’s rates.

Q: How can I make an application for a correction to my invoice?

A: If you think that the amount of your bill is incorrect, you can visit the closest KE office and discuss your case.

Q: Which Grid Stations does K Electric have?

A: As of the 30th June 2018, it had an aggregate of 64 Grid Stations.

Q What are bill installments?

A: According to the policy of the company, installments are permitted to help customers with outstanding amounts in arrears, or who are in default.

Q: What is K Electric Ramadan Timing for Load Shedding?

A: You can access the entire Load Shedding Schedule using this link https://www.ke.com.pk/load-shed-schedule/

Q: What is the most recent developments regarding K Electric Shares? And what is the forecast price of these shares?

A: You can access all the information about this company Shares using this link https://electronates.com/

Q: When was it that the Abraaj Group take charge of K Electric?

A: The year was 2009 that a new management team which the Abraaj Group led took charge.