KIA Sportage Headlight Price in Pakistan

KIA Sportage Headlight Price in Pakistan is Rs. 150,000/- 

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Buy KIA Sportage Headlights online in Pakistan

For KIA Sportage Headlights available for sale in Pakistan, the asking price currently ranges from PKR 14,000 to PKR 145,000.

LED Headlamps with DRL

Although these LED lights turn on whenever the ignition is switched on, they help improve the visibility of your car for other drivers on the road.

KIA Sportage Headlights Price
KIA Sportage Headlights Price (Min) PKR 14,000
KIA Sportage Headlights Price (Max) PKR 145,000

kia sportage headlight price in pakistan

KIA Sportage Fog Lamps

Safety is enhanced without detracting from the fun style of a walk along the pathway thanks to fog lamps that a stoplight the comfortable visibility and well lit pathway.

kia sportage price in pakistan



kia sportage headlight price in pakistan

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What is the headlight of a car called?

A headlamp is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to illuminate the road in front. Headlamps are also often called headlights, but in the strictest sense, headlamp is synonymous with the device itself and headlight is synonymous with the cast of light produced by the device.

What are the different headlight on a car?

The four most common types of auto headlights are halogen, LED, xenon HID, and laser.


KIA Sportage Price in Pakistan 


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