MEPCO Bill Calculator

Are you looking for a way to estimate how much you pay for your MEPCO energy bill? With the aid provided by our MEPCO Bill calculator, it’s now easy to estimate your bill based on the rates of the Government.

MEPCO Bill calculator assists you calculate the total cost of all the appliances that you use. Based on the most current rates and GOP, this program will provide you with an accurate amount.

Instead of taking on the burden of your electricity bills It is better to have an estimate of the cost before you get your electricity bill on pocket. You’ll find this tool helpful when creating your budget for the month. You’ll be able to save both time as well as money.

MEPCO Bill Calculator

What is MEPCO Online Bill Calculator?

MEPCO Bill estimator online is a tool created to assist customers with energy usage. It’s simple to use and provides precise results. This tool online assists users in calculating the total amount of electricity bills they’ll receive by entering the number of units they use.

In addition, this tool assists you in identifying any problem in your total. We are aware that the unit’s price varies following the slabs set by MEPCO. Similar to that, other metrics like the GST and other pricing metrics differ.

To calculate your cost, you need to know a few essential factors. These are the total units, types of connections, and unit rates.

You can also receive your MEPCO Monthly Bill directly in your mailer so that you don’t miss it, and you can pay it promptly.

Total Units Consumed:

The total number of units on a bill is an essential factor in the bill’s overall cost. This is the total number of units that you consumed in a month. The units become extremely important when calculating your bill, directly affecting the total cost.

You can check your electricity meter to determine how many units you have consumed so far. To estimate the upcoming bill units, you need to subtract the previous units (Find from Previous Month Bill) from your current units.

MEPCO Bill Unit Rates:

The MEPCO tariff provides per-unit rates both during peak and off-peak times. Despite the fact that peak timings are more expensive than off-peak timings, there is no need to ignore this fact.

Unit rates for peak and off-peak timing are 22,65 per unit and 16,33 per unit, respectively.

In the case of a single-phase connection, the cost is 175 per person, while a three-phase connection costs 350 per consumer per month.

Commercial tariff unit charges are 19.51, whereas industrial tariff unit costs are 19.51. Here is a table for residential connection types that details the unit charges for different types of connections.

1. 1-50 Units 3.95
2. 1 – 100 Units 7.74
3. 101 – 200 Units 10.06
4. 201 – 300 Units 12.15
5. 301 – 700 19.55
6. More than 700 Units 22.65

MEPCO Consumer Bill Calculator

It is a great tool to estimate the precise amount of your electricity bill using MEPCO’s bill estimator. Using this calculator can help you determine if there is a problem with your total amount. Online payment is available not just for checking the cost of the bill but also for paying it. Advances in technology have made this possible.

In the same way, if you haven’t got a reference number for your meter and just installed it, it’s still possible to check the bill without it.

You will need to know a few details about your bill in order to calculate it. Connection types include total units, connection types, and phase types.

Meter Connection

The price of your electric bill is also based on the type of connection. When calculating your amount, be sure to choose the correct connection.


The process of selecting is the final step to deciding on the exact amount you will be charged. You can choose between choosing a single or three-phase system. To check your results, click the submit button after selecting one of the phases.

How to use the MEPCO Bill Calculator?

Calculating the MEPCO cost is easy and simple to complete. It is only necessary to input the amount of units you use in the the prompts. Follow the instructions to determine your cost.

  • First, determine the number of units within your home and place them into the appropriate area.
  • You will receive an entire list of fees.
  • The list will include the costs in electricity. It will also include F.C Surcharge, Duty Rate GST, TV Fee, N.J Surcharge and total expected bill.

Let’s take an overview of the example invoice of 10 units!

10 x 3.95 = 39.50

Cost of electricity: 39.50
F.C Surcharge: 4.30
Electricity Duty: 0.59
TV Fee: 35
GST: 7.55
N.J Surcharge: 1
Total Estimated Bill: 87.94

An Easy Way to Calculate MEPCO Bill

There’s a simpler way to figure out the cost of electricity. All you require is a intelligent effort. the only thing you’ll need to perform is stand up and take a look at the meter’s reading before coming back to me so that we can get started.

Let’s start If you’ve already read the information.

  • For starters, you should be aware that the unit of electricity is the kilowatt hour (KW/H).
  • Let’s say you checked the meters and found 33 watts of CLF.
  • The time of consumption is 19 hours.
  • 608 CFL per hour equals 32 watts CFL divided by 19 hours the course of a day.
  • 608 KW/H equals 0.608 per hour when multiplied by 1,000.
  • If we take monthly usage into account and calculate monthly usage, we will receive 18.24 KW/H, by multiplying 0.608 times the days within the month.
  • Do you know what this signifies?
  • It is a sign that you used 18.24 Kilowatts per hour of electricity during the time of the month making use of power for 19 hours per day.


Before you determine your consumption, bear in your mind that MEPCO offers a variety of usage levels that allow for different amounts of use. Prices for units with a of between 101 and 300 PKR will cost between 8 and 8 PKR.

Also, be aware of these steps before you calculate the amount you pay for and note down my bills.

In the event that you stick to my directions You’ll become an expert in your field and an extremely efficient use of MEPCO bill calculator online. If you’re intrigued by the subject I guarantee you’ll be enthralled.


Where can I find the MEPCO number?

You can download your MEPCO duplicate bills online, download and print copies from your bill here. Reference number: A unique 14-digit number located in the upper left-hand corner of your bill. It’s written in this form: 12 1234 1234567.

How do I find my MEPCO name bill?

This reference code is the sole requirement for obtaining PESCO duplicate bills. There is no method to confirm it with a name or the National Identity Card (NIC/CNIC).

If you wish to receive your MEPCO bill via CNIC or meters number, you’ll be required to visit your nearest customer service center, in order to assist you.

What is meant by One Unit?

A unit (as stated on bill for electricity) is represented as the form of kWh, as well as Kilowatt Hour. That is what is used to represent the power or energy utilized. If you are using 1,000 Watts, or one Kilowatt of power in one hour, then you will consume 1 Kilowatt or 1 Kilowatt-Hour (kWh) in electricity.


Instead of thinking about what your bill would look like, just make use of this tool online to determine the exact amount. It will help you manage your energy needs and eliminate all unnecessary waste. With the inclusion of all taxes and utility charges, MEPCO online bill calculator will save you energy and money.