MEPCO Bill Payment 2023 – Help

MEPCO offers a variety of ways to pay for our bills, including through the use of different app tips or payments via your bank account. In addition, you can either deposit your MEPCO Bill Payment at the bank of your choice.

MEPCO Bill Payment

We will provide you with information on which banks accept MEPCO bill payments and which apps you can use to pay your MEPCO bill.

Following is a list of Banks with links to their website and android/iOS apps where you can pay MEPCO bills online:

Bank Website App
Standard Chartered Bank
(SCB) Android / iPhone
Muslim Commercial Bank
(MCB) Android / iPhone
Habib Bank Limited
(HBL) Android / iPhone
United Bank Limited (UBL) Android / iPhone

MEPCO Bill Payment

MEPCO is a leading electric power supply company in southern Punjab. It has been developed and launched in Pakistan in the year 2018. It covers 13 districts of southern Punjab zone. It is given licensed from NEPRA to serve these districts. You are able to pay it via MEPCO dispatches every month. The late fees are applied after the due date as set by MEPCO online, which is typically 10 days or later the bill arrives at your address.

A tense is created for the users to pay the bills on time, sometimes the bill does not arrive at all, but there is no need for you to worry thanks to technological advancement that has brought more ease into our life. In this article, you will learn about how MEPCO online bills payment is done.-

MEPCO Online Bills Payment

MEPCO online offers a payment service that is easier to use, including partnerships with banks so that their customers can make payments using apps of various online fintech companies and banks.

Check MEPCO Bill Payment Right Now!

When you are paying for your bill online, you will get notification about the amount billed and the date of payment on your smartphone. There are no extra charges to paying bills online, you just pay the amount as described on a specific date period. However, certain fintech companies also offer discounts and discounted cash back for their promotions. The people who are familiar with smartphones can easily do this job. But if you are not familiar with smartphones then this may be a little tricky for you.

Online Bills Payments

A online bill payment option gives you a convenient way to pay your electricity bills on time. With this payment option, you cannot only pay your single Electricity bills but you can make multiple energy payments with one convenient payment gateway. Mepco as such is not offering online mepco bill payment but other fintech companies and banks are giving facility to their customers to pay their mepco bill online with their app.

All companies are now offering online payment systems, including fintech companies such as easypaisa and jazzcash. This life is simple now, too. No waiting in long lines and waiting for the turn of the day – just pay your bill with an online application.

How To Pay MEPCO Bills Online?

You can also pay your bill with your smartphone as well as a laptop or computer. You don’t need an internet connection and a bank account with an optimum balance to use our service.

To pay your MEPCO Bill Payment Online, follow these steps:

  • You can now access your bank’s application (HBL, Meezan, Easypaisa, Jazzcash)
  • To pay your bill, click the bill payment section
  • Providers and categories can be selected
  • Your reference number should be written down
  • Your data will be fetched and displayed on the screen
  • To pay, click the pay button 
  • Once your bill is paid, you will receive a confirmation message. 

Utility Bill Online

What’s better than easy online bills and pay bills? Online bill viewing, payment options, and customer service. Pakistan’s leading online utility companies collaboration with banks allows users to view their energy and water bills as well as telecommunications charges and other details also.

Online Payment Methods In Pakistan

There are various payment methods to pay for electricity online in Pakistan, such as through debit card, bank account, and the popular choice of Debit Card. Almost all the banks who are offering online banking applications are facilitated customer to easily pay their utility bills online. Some of the famous bill payment methods described below include Debit Card, Bank Account, and other favorite choices.


Online applications are easy to use and very simple to operate. Just follow these steps!

  • Alternatively, you can recharge your Easypaisa account via a bank transfer or from any Easypaisa shop 
  • The bill icon can be clicked
  • Select a provider 
  • Please enter the reference number
  • Pay by clicking the pay button.

HBL Mobile 

You can also pay your bills online with the HBL mobile banking application

  • Login to your app
  • Select bill
  • Choose provider
  • Enter reference number
  • Click on pay button.

Jazz Cash

Jazz cash is a great solution for reduce stress because you simply need to recharge the amount in it so that the transaction can be made.

  • Login the app
  • Click on bill payment
  • Choose utility provider
  • Fetch data with the account number
  • Click on the pay button.

Daraz Wallet

There is a new offering by daraz. You can also pay all your utility bills with a daraz wallet. One of its best features is that they are offering a ten percent discount on the first bill payment. All you have to do is to recharge it by attached your bank card with it and the rest of the process is the same as all apps contain.

Through Other Payment Transfer Methods like Mobi cash, and others you can transfer the amount for the bill payment but with a little tax. Check mepco rates here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Bill Payment

There are many benefits of paying your utility bills online, the biggest being that it saves your time and we don’t have to worry about paying our bills manually. We just not only save time, but also reduce the chances of us getting into trouble.