MEPCO New Connection 2023

Multan region of consumers has many customers, so MEPCO is the biggest power company of Punjab. Because it has a lot of consumers, it mainly covers southern Punjab with many small villages. So this electric provide company give electricity to every small town. So Govt decides its system is covert from manual to MEPCO online Application. Applying for a MEPCO new connection is now easy and free of costs. You don’t need to go to the regional offices anymore to apply for a new connection. You can apply online and be from the starting point any where you want.

Mepco New Connection

How to Apply for MEPCO New Connection?

If you are a Multan Electric power company (MEPCO) user and want to install a meter, click on the above button that redirected us to MEPCO Online apply for a new connection. Where you can fill in the online form with the following info:

  • Connection Type: Like Commercial used mainly in shops or small business, Domestic that is used for homes
  • Applicant Name
  • CNIC Number
  • 2 Mobile Numbers
  • Present Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Email Address
  • No. of meter already Installed:
  • Neighbour Information: Neighbour meter reference number name and address

You will receive a congratulation email after submission of the form. This email will contain your tracking id, which will confirming that you have completed the form and received the Email.

After submitting the online application, WAPDA company reviews your application and visits the location to install the connection. If your area is far away, then the WAPDA official has the authority to approve the application of a new link. Primarily the WAPDA person can not create problems for users and approve the connection. After approval, MEPCO sends a demand notice for submission in any National bank of Pakistan.

MEPCO demand Notice Tracking 2022

You can also track the demand notice when submitting it. MEPCO users like this system of monitoring, because everything is easy to check from the house. In the last time, people went to Regional or subdivisions offices to know their connections. Now after submission of demand notice and verification of demand notice. MEPCO users install the new link at your desired location.

MEPCO New Connection Status

When you are interested to check MEPCO new connection status use the tracking ID received after you have submitted the new connection application form. It is a key for checking of application status. If you lost that id, there is no method to track the application. So follow all the processes of the application quickly from the official website.

MEPCO New Connection Tracking

After submission of the new connection application, you can receive a tracking Id that is a key for checking of application status. If you lost that id, there is no method to track the application. So follow all the processes of the application quickly from because enc is the official website.

MEPCO New Connection Fee 2022

There are two types of connections: the single-phase connection is used for homes, and the 3 phase of connection is used for small industries or in tube wells, etc.

MEPCO New connection fee Single phase

The single-phase connection fee is Rs 4000 with the 40-meter length of the service line cable. If anyone wants to increase their home has long-distance, he pays Rs 200 per meter.

New connection Fee for Three-phase connection

The three-phase connection fee is RS 15000 per code, including a 40-meter cable. If the consumer has a length increase of 35 meters, they are required to pay RS 260 per code.

How do I check my MEPCO demand notice?

The easiest way to check the Demand Notice is:

  1. Go to LESCO website ‘ENC.COM.PK’
  2. Print the demand notice provided with an option on the left side of the screen.
  3. Two options will appear in front of you 1) New connection 2) Change of name/tariff/load.
  4. Click one option.
  5. Enter your CNIC/ or tracking-id.