MEPCO Online Bill 2023 – Amazing Guide

As a MEPCO customer, you have arrived at the correct location. Here, you can find MEPCO Online Bill.

Making sure electricity bills are paid on time is not an easy task. The long lines to wait are an annoyance and also a source of embarrassment. Most of the time, the bill is delivered just one day prior to or the day that is the date for depositing the bill. This can make a person nervous. But, your worries are gone. You can now access the Multan Electric Power Company, MEPCO online bill on your Smartphone or computer within a matter of seconds and you can print it out too.

MEPCO Online Bill
MEPCO Online Bill Check

How to Print a Copy of MEPCO Online Bill

To check your current MEPCO Bill, you’ll need 14 numbers “Reference No “. It should be kept in your notebook, phone or on your computer, from which you can have it readily accessible.

Here is the step-by step procedure of printing and checking the bill you received.

  • Enter Reference Number with care, without leaving any gap or space.
  • To avoid any mistakes, check Reference No. prior to pressing the “Generate” button.
  • If you’ve entered the correct reference No then a PDF version of your bill current will appear on your screen.
  • To printing of the MEPCO Duplicate Bill make sure you set up your printer and hit ” Ctrl + P “

What is MEPCO?

Multan Electric Power Company (or MEPCO is a fast-growing electric power supplier, which is able to supply electricity across 13 administrative districts, Muzaffargarh, Multan, Layyah, Rajanpur Dera Ghazi Khan, Lodhran, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Khanewal, Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Bahawalnagar and Vehari.

The company has been operating in the country for over two decades, and has power to homes of an average of 33.4 million citizens. In spite of that it is regarded as one of the top electrical distributors in Pakistan with the aim of providing security and reliability to all its customers.


To make it easier for the customers of MEPCO, MEPCO online bill 2022 provides the service of electronic billing to its customer. The user can check and pay their bills online, with no waiting around for delivery of their bill at home or waiting in long lines in the bank. In today’s world of technology advancement, the use of technology into services is necessary. No one is able to stand in long lines for payment of bills in scorching temperatures. Today, with an online bill payment system, customers are able to pay bills quickly at their own home via various options.

Consumer Issues and Resolutions as provided by MEPCO

Here are some of the common issues that consumers may face and they are looking for an answer to this. To resolve these problems, we’ve written some solutions.

In the summer months, because of an increase in the use of large appliances such as appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, chillers, you could face an enormous electricity bill. If you wish to pay for your bill in installments, you can make it happen. You can visit the closest MEPCO Office to make installments to pay your bill. It is important to note that generally DISCOs do not offer more than three installments.

MEPCO Online Payment System

If you’d like to confirm whether your MEPCO Bill Status is paid or not, you can check it on the MEPCO website. If the column for your paid amount is the same as the amount charged the signification is that the amount you paid has been entered into MEPCO Online.

We’ve observed that at times customers also seek out ways to access their MEPCO online bill without reference numbers therefore, please be aware that MEPCO doesn’t offer an option to look up the bill without reference number.

If you’d like to verify your meter’s number. Then you will find this over that MEPCO online bill that is in the box.

Verify MEPCO Online Bill through Email or SMS Alert

Do you find it interesting when you received an SMS message to your mobile that says the amount of your bill for the month of April and it is due to be paid? Perhaps this thought has come to your mind to know how I can get the MEPCO online bill through an email or SMS?

What benefits will it bring to you? MEPCO has launched this feature to ease the lives of their customers so that they get their utility bills promptly and do not have to worry about the penalty for late payment.

MEPCO offers two portals for email registration and SMS for bills. Let’s look at it in detail.

Register to receive Consumer Bill Information via SMS is easy. All you need to do is type in your reference number, along with your mobile number.

Tips: Don’t provide your mobile phone number on your handheld to ensure you get the text message.

Components of electricity MEPCO bill online

Have actually checked the calculation of your electricity bill prior making a payment? Can’t recall? That’s because, like many of us, it’s possible that you not have read the article in depth. In doing this you’re probably allowing your service provider to charge you too much. However, that’s changing now, as we’ve all the information needed to understand the MEPCO online consumer bills. This guide will also assist you to understand bills, such as FESCO energy bills.

1. Identifiers

Are you curious about how that paper invoice makes it to your door each month? This is possible due to identifiers. It is a unique number, letters and abbreviations that identify an electric power source, such as name, address, meter numbers or reference number.

  • Meter number: The unique six-digit number that is assigned to your meter’s connection.
  • Reference number: To identify the identification of a channel, a 14-digit number has been given for each electrical channel. There is an additional alphabet: R which stands for “Rural” and U for “Urban”. The reference information on all utility bills including FESCO, HESCO, and IESCO online bills and other bills. If you use this number, you’re going to be able to print and check MEPCO duplicate bills online in the following article.

2. Essential dates MEPCO online bill Check

You may already be aware of these as they’re among the few things you’ll observe. Let’s get this out of the way regardless:

  • Bill Month: The bill for the particular month.
  • Date of reading: The day on which the meter reader made the electrical readings.
  • Issue date: This is the date that your invoice was issued by your service supplier.
  • Due date: The day on which your bill needs to be paid. If you don’t you’ll be charged to cover the delay.
  • Connector Date: that your electrical connection was established.

3. Billing history

This graph that appears on the bill from WAPDA MEPCO online bill reveals the amount of units that the channel consumed during the entire year. The units are categorized separately for each calendar year, offering you the opportunity to look at when and why your electric bill was higher in an exact time. In this way you will be able to formulate strategies to lower the amount of energy you use. If you cancel a connection or an installment that is not paid, it will fill in with a zero, as shown in the box with red below.

4. Charges Calculation / MEPCO Online Bill Calculator

This is where your total electrical consumption for one month will be calculated. The procedure isn’t too difficult and you’ll be able to learn the process within the first attempt.

The meter reader takes the reading at the same time each month. The units that are currently consumed are subtracting from previous months total and the result is the total amount of units consumed during the month in question. But, the system isn’t invulnerable to human error, so we recommend that you recheck the accuracy of the data yourself.

Once you have estimated the electrical costs tax, including GST and other taxes imposed by the government are then added to calculate the final amount.

5. Contact and Complaint section

There are a myriad of things that could be wrong when you use your meter or electrical channel. In the event that you’ve noticed an error on your bill, you are able to get in touch with your service provider by using the details provided in the box in red below. Additionally, the number could be used to detect the theft of electricity in your neighborhood.

Benefits of MEPCO online bill checking system

Here are selections of advantages of MEPCO online bill-checking system:

  • It’s convenient you can check WAPDA MEPCO bills online, removes the necessity of physically calling the service provider, and going through the long and tedious process.
  • It is accessible anytime, anywhere that has an internet connection that is reliable and a Smartphone, you can use our service from any location around the globe.
  • It is time-saving It is quicker than the traditional method, this method does not require any time to provide you a duplicate copy of your bill that was lost.
  • It’s secure, Due to the multi-layered security; your personal information is safe from cyber-attacks as well as hacks. This isn’t only true for MEPCO bills online, but also for utility bills such as HESCO energy bills.
  • It’s eco-friendly and the fact that the entire process is conducted online is environmentally eco-friendly. In addition, there is no paper used if you choose to make MEPCO online bill payment.
  • It’s cost-effective, think about the amount you’d have to pay to contact the closest service provider to receive the exact replica. There is even an additional cost for the processing for the application. Therefore, why not avoid the charges simply by going to our website?

Taxes are included in MEPCO Bill:

Here’s a common tax list you will typically see on the MEPCO bills.


FPA is the acronym in the acronym the term “Fuel Price Adjustment. The FPA cost in your MEPCO account is the price for fuel of power rental companies that produce electricity using Crude Oil etc. You will see this amount on your bill if you see a fluctuation in the price of fuel.

TR Surcharge:

T.R is for Tariff Rationalization Charge. It refers to NEPRA as well as GOP tariff differential. If the difference is positive, it will be paid to GOP in the form of “Subsidy”. If there is a negative differences the Distribution Company will pay to GOP the amount of “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)”.

FC Surcharge:

FC means Financing Cost. The authorities have decided to charge 43 paisa for each unit of FC Surcharge, to secure the payment of debts servicing for Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Amount:

The amount is the amount which you are able to pay within the same month, or later. There aren’t any penalties for late payments on a deferred bill and the next bill could contain the amount in installments or the full amount.

QTR Tariff Adj. DMC

This is a quarterly adjustment to the tariff amount. This amount will be displayed on your bill at the end of each 3 months.

MEPCO Online Bill Calculator

Do you need a MEPCO bill calculator? Please find the bill estimator for MEPCO customers below. With just a number of units, you can obtain an estimate of your bill amount, including all taxes:

With this MEPCO electricity bill calculator, you can estimate your bill amount; however, it may differ from the original bill amount. The script was created using the latest unit rates and GOP taxes. However, if you find anything incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible to fix it.

MEPCO Peak Hours / Off-Peak Timings

MEPCO’s commercial and industrial customers need to know when peak hours are and when off-peak hours are. Using the given table, consumers of MEPCO will be able to save electricity and reduce their bills. According to the MEPCO, the rate per unit varies with time. The peak hours are associated with high rates per unit, while out of peak hours, low rates per unit are associated. To minimize your utility bill during peak periods, minimize your energy use. MEPCO recommends reducing electricity consumption during peak hours. This will reduce your electricity bill and stabilize the region’s electric supply. These are the peak hours for MEPCO:

SeasonMEPCO Peak TimingMEPCO Off-Peak Timing
Dec to Feb5 PM to 9 PMRemaining 20 hours
Mar to May6 PM to 10 PM-do-
Jun to Aug7 PM to 11 PM-do-
Sep to Nov6 PM to 10 PM-do-

You must reduce your use of electricity by shutting off any additional lights. Do not use the air conditioner, or if you would like to use it, then set your thermostat to 26 degrees Celsius or higher than the.

Inverter appliances are known to demonstrate a significant decrease in the cost of electricity. If you’re planning to purchase an appliance that’s will be used all day, then you should consider buying inverter appliances such as inverter refrigerators as well as inverter AC, etc.

MEPCO Tenders

Tender No.Tender TitleDownload / Published Date / Closing Date
TS502253EMultan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), Multan Miscellaneous Items Required Supply of Static Single Phase Energy Meter etc…. 60/23 Download  3/2/2023  23/2/2023 10:30:00 AM
TS482328EMultan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), Multan
Repair and Maintenance Work
Repair/Maintenance and Re-Construction of Titled Portion etc….
XEN (Civil)
Download 26/5/2022 15/6/2022
TS481993EMultan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), Multan
Repair and Maintenance Work
Repair/Maintenance and Re-Construction of Titled Portion etc….
XEN (Civil)
Download 26/5/2022 15/6/2022
TS481992EMultan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), Multan
Miscellaneous Work Required
Safe Handling, Transporatation etc….
Download 26/5/2022 16/6/2022
TS481985EMultan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), Multan
Miscellaneous Items Required
Supply of Insulated Rubber Gloves etc….
Download 26/5/2022 17/6/2022

Register MEPCO Online Complaint

If you have any complaints regarding non-scheduled Shutdown, load shedding or shutting down you can make a complaint to the any of the following numbers at Power Control Centre Multan.




MEPCO Head office Phone No: +92 619220313

Its headquarters are located in Multan.

MEPCO Head Office Location: MEPCO Complex, Khanewal Road MEPCO Colony, Multan, Punjab

MEPCO Online Bill Application

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- How long will it take to reconnect the MEPCO connection that they have cut off?

A. You can inquire for how to restore your internet connection at the nearest subdivision office or contact its helpline at 0800-63726. To view Multan bills, here is the link MEPCO Multan 2022.

Q: What can we do if our region is undergoing low voltage?

If this low voltage is a persistent issue in your location, you must file a complaint with your city’s power supply department. Fill out the form you will receive at the centre and list the issues you are experiencing in your neighbourhood. You can contact them directly to examine the lines.

A. Complain to your local DSO office, or in case emergencies, call MEPCO’s main office.

Q: What are the guidelines and procedures regarding electricity in local areas as well as in villages?

The main difference is that it’s financially approved by the provincial or local government. Contact your representative to inquire about the reinstatement of electricity in the region. The price of electricity used in housing projects is covered by the sponsor or residents.

Q: Why is the # of Complaints Office constantly busy?

It happens because the power supply goes out in a particular area and there are a lot of people try to reach because the phone of the complaint department is busy. Additionally, you can contact the complaint center in your location, dial 9220317 or 920314 or also complain at the headquarters.

Q- Whom should I speak to in the event of inaccurate readings on my bill?

A. Call the local customer support centers in your region as well as MEPCO headquarters.

Q- I’ve received a small amount of bills over the past two months. This month, I was surprised to receive massive amounts. What is the cause to this?

Contact your local subdivision office to find out this. It’s not an issue to verify your electricity meter’s numbers particularly in the case of savings on energy and costs. If your meter hasn’t been read, get in touch with your local authority. If you notice a significant distinction between your bill and the reading, fix it.

How to check MEPCO Bill?

  • To check if your electricity bill is paid, visit the website
  • Enter 14 digit reference number in the given input field on the home page
  • Click Check Bill
  • Now you will see latest invoice with due date highlighted in bold underneath it;
  • Download copy as PDF file by clicking Download Link

Can I pay Mepco bill in installment?

The installment bill is not binding on the current one. However, outstanding electricity dues can be paid in installments and when this option is allowed for a period of time with interest charged at existing bank rates it could work out quite well!

Multan Electric Power Company MEPCO

MEPCO Online Application procedure

Applying for a new meter connection involves the following steps:

  1. You can fill out the online application here.
  2. Scan the following documents and upload them here
  3. and submit the form.
  4. Take a printout of your application.
  5. Make sure all required documentation is attached with the form.