MG 5 Price in Pakistan, Specs and Reviews

MG 5 price in Pakistan is projected to be PKR 3,800,000. This price includes delivery, usage taxes, and other additional documentation costs. In addition, this is ex-factory price.

The MG 5 automobile is being introduced in Pakistan as a result of the MG Group Company officially declaring this and from next month onward, the company will be working to have MG 5s for sale in Pakistan. On the other hand, in addition to one gasoline engine, MG 5 will be available for purchase in Pakistan in three basic versions with a derivative variant engine.

The specification of this car’s engine is more powerful than the Honda Civic, although the horsepower of this car is 1.5 cubic centimeters lower than the Civic’s. The car is expected to cost 3.5 million rupees in December, and people will be able to get a fantastic mileage of 12 to 14 kilometers. Below, more detail regarding the MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model Summary is provided.

MG 5 Price in Pakistan

MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2022 Sedan

The current base price of an MG 5 in Pakistan is 3.8 million rupees. In addition, this is the price of the basic package because there are three assortments in this vehicle and the prices of all these assortments vary. In addition, they modified the specifications and accessories of every variety. Thus, before buying an MG 5, they should be aware of the multitude of choices.

MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2022 is Rs. 38,00,000

MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2022

MG 5 Car Exterior

The outside of MG 5 is attractive due to the exterior appearing like a Ford badge, though they have inserted a classy grill in the middle of the front bumper with MG 5 emblem. In addition, free-standing LEDs have been set up in the back of the car, which diminishes its visible design. Moreover, plagued by light with curves, as well as a light style, have been implemented.

MG 5 Car Exterior

MG 5 Car Interior

As soon as you enter the MG 5, you will feel that the vehicle is as intelligent as it is stylish. The cabin’s forward-looking, adaptive layout puts the driver at complete command of all features, while the sense of spaciousness establishes a sense of freedom. Select from assorted leather and fabric upholstery, and relish several seat adjustments to discover the ideal position. The MG 5’s boot space takes as much as 512 litres, and you’ll also find an abundance of interior storage compartments. That’s why it is so easy to keep your MG 5 organized and neat.

MG 5 Car Technology

A wide array of cutting-edge technologies are at your disposal on the MG 5’s centre console. You’ll be able to access it by means of the 10-inch TFT colour touchscreen. Through CarPlay and Android Auto, you’ll be able to access the media system by streaming audio, controlling the sound, and speaking simultaneously. The 360-degree camera on this display provides the most comprehensive view of your vehicle and helps you find any potential problems or threats.

MG 5 Car 360-degree Camera

Safety Measures in MG 5 CAR

With any recent generation of car, you can take pleasure in the assurance of numerous safety features. The MG 5 includes safety features with a five-star safety rating, so you can expect your vehicle to be safe when you take it for a spin. Among all the available options, you can count upon Hill-Start Assist, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Curve Brake Control, and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. With a complete complement of air bags and ISOFIX anchor points, you will be quite clear about safety.

MG 5 Car Air Bags

MG 5 Price in Pakistan, Specs and Reviews

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