Obsessed Meaning in Urdu

Obsessed Meaning in UrduObsessed Meaning in Urdu

Obsessed meaning in Urdu is Pagal (پاگل). Similar words of Obsessed are also commonly used in daily talk like as Obsess, Obsessed with you, and Obsessed with this. Pronunciation of Obsessed in roman Urdu is “Pagal” and Translation of Obsessed in Urdu writing script is پاگل.

The English definition served as the foundation for identifying Obsessed Meaning in Urdu of the word.The meaning of the phrase “obsessed” varies based on the context, although it can be used to allude to a variety of diverse notions. Which of these notions can be referred to depends on the context in which the term is employed. Because it is adaptable enough to be utilised in both spoken and written communication, it can be used to connote a behaviour in any setting.

This enables it to be used in either situation. As a result, it can be used to describe a certain behaviour. One meaning of this term is that a thought or concept can “haunt” someone; this usage of the word also exists. Another interpretation is that a person can be “haunted” by another person. If desired, this might also be used to allude to a concept.

One of the most prevalent uses of this term is to describe someone who is becoming progressively irritated as a result of an event or condition. To be worried or troubled by a notion, activity, or similar issue is one meaning of being intrigued with anything; another definition of being intrigued with anything is to be captivated by a specific subject. The adjective “obsessed” has a very different meaning in Urdu than it does in English. This is diametrically opposed to the English definition.

Is it considered unfriendly to characterise another person as “obsessed” with a particular subject, even if the label is accurate?

In today’s culture, it’s common for teenagers to brag about being “obsessed” with a certain band or television show. This type of boasting is particularly common among young ladies. This is what people mean when they talk about being cool. It has been almost thirty years since this design first appeared. As a result of this development, the frequency with which people utilise this phrase has decreased.

This is a direct outcome of the modification. Fixation, on the other hand, is a powerful mental state that, when used correctly, has the ability to serve positive goals. This is, of course, assuming that it is used appropriately. An obsession is defined by psychologists as an unhealthy fixation that consumes an unhealthy amount of mental energy and keeps a person focused. Obsessions keep people busy and drain an unhealthy amount of mental energy.

Is it even conceivable that being attracted to something might be advantageous to one’s physical health?

Your concentration with something worthwhile has the potential to raise your desire and urge you to engage in activities in which you have never previously participated. This is due to the fact that your desire will be heightened, and you will be inspired to attempt new activities. This is because you will be preoccupied with something that will benefit you. If you follow these directions and make the required lifestyle changes, you will notice an improvement in your health and be able to take on more tasks. If you employ your impulsive tendencies productively, you will be rewarded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Obsessed Meaning in Urdu

What exactly do you mean when you say “obsessed”?

Meaning of obsessive is پاگل – paagal

What exactly is the meaning of the word obsessed?

Definition of the obsessive are exhibiting an excessive or compulsive concern for anything that is influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a powerful emotion, or having or demonstrating such a concern.

What other words can be used in place of obsessed?

Synonym of word fixated are crazed, stupid, manioca, phrenetic, insanest, dement, madders, foolish, phrenitic, loony

Which idioms are associated with the word “obsessed”?

Here are the idioms that are related to the term obsessive.

Everyone who is insane is convinced that everyone else is also crazy.
A poor hat

When the pockets are filled, one’s voice can be heard.

Both a stupid and a lunatic are unreliable witnesses.

Go mad

What are the quotations with word obsessed?

The following are all the quotes in which the word obsessive appears.

I don’t understand the fascination that so many individuals have with their ages. That is to say, ninety is the new seventy. Since 70 is the new 50 and 50 is the new 40, what does this have to do with acting your age? Only up to a point. — Joan Collins & Co.

My lifelong goal has been to achieve celebrity status. I used to have paper dolls of Marilyn Monroe when I was a kid, and I was really fascinated by her. Simply put, I’ve been extremely driven in that way, although none of my buddies were driven in that direction. So, I don’t know what placed the bug in me at a young age. The name Holly Madison

My fascination with the passage of time began at an early age. The passage of time renders all of us extremely defenceless, and because we each experience it in our own unique manner, it has the potential to make us feel very isolated. — John Barton

Album production is not something I enjoy doing. Because I’m a mixer obsessive and I can’t stop thinking about it, record production is one of the things I despise doing the most. — David Friedman