SEPCO Online Bill 2023

Since we have a busy work schedule, we are unable to deal with utility bills. Therefore, I find it especially challenging to make utility payments on time. Additionally, it is nearly impossible in the case of delayed invoice delivery or a misplaced invoice. As a result, you would be subject to a penalty. Therefore, there’s no better place than our 24/7 service to finally let you check and obtain a duplicate WAPDA SEPCO online bill in no time. Please continue reading to learn how to do so.

SEPCO Online Bill

How To Check your SEPCO Online Bill

Check SEPCO online bill. This website enables you to view your SEPCO online bill on a variety of platforms (mobile and desktop). You can check the amount and due date of your Sepco power bill and also make a duplicate copy of your statement. To verify your Sepco e-bill, enter your 14-digit reference number in the input form below:

SEPCO Online Bill

How To Find The Reference Number ?

A reference number is required to access sepco online bill. The reference number can be found on any old bill copy; however, if you’re unsure where to look, please review to the screen below: is a reputable source for all types of Duplicate bills. If you’re looking for your March or February 2022 bill, enter your reference number above. Additionally, you can sign up for monthly bill email to receive your next sepco online bill for the month of April 2022 automatically.

Sukkur Electric Power Construction Corporation (SEPCO)

Sepco Stands for Sukkur Electric Power Company. It is the distributor of electric power within the Sukkar region. It was created through splitting HESCO. The operations that were entirely under the control of HESCO are now split into two sections. SEPCO was founded on 26th July 2010. If you are in the Sukkur region and you use electricity, then you need to be aware of it. Every electric supply provider that it distributes electricity to customer receives their invoice at the conclusion of each month. The same as SEPCO Duplicate Bill Online is also accessible.

Chinese construction and engineering company SEPCO Sukkur Electric Power Construction Corporation (commonly known as SEPCO) is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of power generating and transmission infrastructure. In addition to SEPCO1, SEPCO2 (also known as SEPCO No. 2) are totally owned subsidiaries of SEPCO. It is in the top 100 largest construction companies in the world in terms of revenue in 2013.

The Candiota power plant in Brazil was built by SEPCO. Construction began in 2008, and the project was completed in 2010.

On the transmission side, it is currently constructing a US$650 million energy transmission line in Zambia from the Maamba thermal power facility, which is projected to be completed by 2015.

SEPCO Area Of Jurisdiction

SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Power Company) is a relatively new electricity distribution company which operates three circles: Larkana, Sukkur, and Daddu. The three circles are located in districts that include Sukkur, Khairpur, Ghotki and a part in Rahimyar Khan district, Kashmore and Kandhkot, Jacobabad, Larkana, Shikarpur, Kamber/ Shahdadkot, Jamshoro, Dadu and a portion from Shaheed Benazirabad district.

These areas were under the control that of HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Power Company) however, they were later transferred to SEPCO following the bifurcation. SEPCO submitted an application to NEPRA in 2010 and was granted the distribution license in less than a year, which was in the year 2011. Since then it has provided millions of customers with safe as well as reliable electricity. is a straightforward and comprehensive site where you will be able to find your bill online in a matter of minutes. It’s completely free and available for customers from SPECP Electric Supply Company. If you’re looking for SEPCO Duplicate Bill Online, don’t be worried as this site will solve all the issues with Sukkur Online billing system. Learn more about Sepco bill online, here you can the duplicate bill and download it.

How can I verify SEPCO Bill?

Here are steps for checking your SEPCO online bill on the internet:

Visit website.

Enter 14 digits of the reference number and click “Check Bill” button.

Here you can find the SEPCO online bill for most recent month amount along with the due date.

Click on the link ‘View the Full Bill to view the full bill or download an electronic copy of bill.

This site is compatible with all screen sizes so whether you’re using a computer on your desktop or mobile device, you are able to review your SEPCO Duplicate Bill Online with ease.

The components of the SEPCO online Bill From

We tend to overlook the various components on our bill for utility services, with the exception of the due date and payable amount. In the event of billing mistakes you’re charged for extra energy. You may not be aware of how many times your negligence can result in these charges. To prevent overpaying, it is essential to understand how to estimate the cost of electricity yourself. In addition, certain components can also assist you in retrieving your duplicate invoice on the internet.

1. Identifiers

To make sure that the identification of each person is distinct among the millions of customers various unique codes are employed apart from the name and address. This is because a name is able to repeat, however a reference number or the customer ID is not able to. Let’s take examine the meaning of these codes.

The reference number refers to a digitally generated unique code that is assigned to an electric connection. It is based upon 14 digits and an additional alphabet at the final digits -“R” for rural areas “R” representing rural areas and “U” Urban areas. In the next article, we’ll be able utilize this code to obtain the digital copy from your invoice.

Customer ID is a number that is required to identify the customer. Consider it to be your digital name. This is not always on your WASA Utility bills the reason that the account number is sufficient to identify the consumer.

The meter connection is a distinct set of six figures that is assigned to your meters connection.

2. Essential dates

This could be the most important items you’ve heard of. Let’s look for ourselves:

  • Connection date: The day that your electric power channel was installed or approved by your service provider.
  • Bill Month: The invoice for the particular month.
  • Reading date: indicating the day your meter read the readings. It is usually on the 15th day of each month, however it’s not always.
  • Date of issue: Date at the time your service provider issued you with a utility invoice.
  • Due date: Date prior to which you need to pay the dues or you’ll be charged the delay fee.

3. Billing History

The units used for each month are listed in order to assist you in keeping track. In particular, you can connect these numbers and devise an approach to decrease the total amount of electricity consumed. A lot of consumers claim that the history of their bills has given them an overall picture of their energy usage over the entire year.

Another column shows the total cost of these units. The price could fluctuate due to the fact that the government frequently alters the prices per unit of energy consumed. Also, the zero that on the row is a sign of canceled connections or not paid dues.

4. Total Charges

A large portion of your bill is devoted to the computation of your electricity bills. The process begins with the meters reading the readings by hand. The month’s unit values are then subtracted from prior month’s to calculate the total number. Then, the electric cost per unit is calculated, and other charges for goods and services are added to create the final amount payable. We recommend that you recheck your units after subtracting numbers yourself to detect errors.

5. Complaint and Contact Information

At the end of the day there is a small amount that represents the contact details that the company provides. Customers are able to contact the service provider should there be any electrical circuit malfunction, power disconnect or even a meter issue. Additionally, the company been advising its customers to inform them of any electrical theft by via the contact details provided by the red box to the left.

The mentioned components are comparable to other electricity bills like MEPCO, IESCO electricity bill and numerous others.

SEPCO Peak / Off-Peak Timings

SEPCO’s industrial and commercial customers should know what peak hours are, and also when the off peak hours will be. By using the table below customers of SEPCO can save energy and reduce their expenses. According to SEPCO table, the cost per unit is dependent on the duration. The peak times are associated with higher rates per unit, while outside of peak times, low prices per unit can be common. To reduce your utility bill during peak times, reduce the amount of energy you use. SEPCO suggests cutting down on electricity use in peak hours. This will lower your electric bill and also stabilize the electric supply to the region. The peak times for SEPCO:

If you’re looking to lower the cost of electricity, utilize high power devices during off-peak times. The peak hours are when the per-unit price is extremely high. Most of the time, it is 4 hours within 24 hours.  The off peak hours are in which electricity price per unit is low. This is 20 hours of the 24 hours. This means that you can make use of all your electronic devices in this period.


SEPCO Peak Hours

SEPCO Off-Peak Hours

Dec to Feb 5 PM to 9 PM Remaining 20 hours
Mar to May 6 PM to 10 PM -do-
Jun to Aug 7 PM to 11 PM -do-
Sep to Nov 6 PM to 10 PM -do-

It is crucial to limit the consumption of electricity by shutting off all other illumination. Don’t use the air conditioner, however should you want to use it, set the thermostat up to Celsius or higher than.

Inverter appliances could provide significant savings in the cost for energy. If you’re seeking to purchase an appliance to be used over longer than a certain amount of time it is suggested buying an inverter appliance such as inverter refrigerators as well as inverter ACs and many more.

What is SEPCO Customer Services?

The SEPCO customer service process is the practice of assisting and assisting customers in by identifying using, altering or troubleshooting issues with an item or service. These are also processes that assist teams in establishing a high-quality customer service. The aim for customer care is to establish lasting relationships with clients.

SEPCO has come up with new ways to meet customers’ demands. SEPCO has launched available online Complaint service, Net Metering, New Connection online duplicate Bill, Energy Saving Tips, Electricity Bill Online (SEPCO online bill), and Theft Reporting. SEPCO foremost goal is to offer all essential services to its customers.

SEPCO HQ Phone No: +92719310795

SEPCO Headquarter Address:

Thermal Power Station, Old Sukkur, Sukkur, Sindh

SEPCO Online Bill Calculator

Welcome to SEPCO wapda bill calculator 2022. This is the best SEPCO Bill Calculator where you only have to enter units, and it will do rest of the job. This bill estimator script is based on the latest SEPCO slabs, and it includes all common taxes, and the final estimated amount is quite close to the real bill amount. So, enter your number of units in order to quickly see the estimate bill amount.

Sepco Customer Service Center Sukkur

  • 071-9310795
  • 071-5621633
  • 03008319831

Circle office Ladies road Near old powerhouse

  • 0747410051
  • 03008319806 

Safety Guidelines


  • Never use naked conductors or cables for electricity extension.
  • It would be best if you always used the correct plugs, switches, and connectors.
  • You should not hang clothing with electricity cabling.
  • Always use an automatic voltage regulator with a delayed start for deep freezers, refrigerators, and televisions.
  • When using an air conditioner, make sure to use the right capacitors and MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers).
  • Electric motors, pedestal fans, and metallic parts of the washing machine should not be touched without removing the electrical connections.
  • Fuse each component with the appropriate size fuse.

Conservation of energy

  • Don’t forget to turn off lights, equipment, and other electrical appliances if they’re not being used.
  • Use fluorescent and mercury vapour lamps instead of traditional electric bulbs.
  • Fans and motors should be loaded with the appropriate capacitor size, and inductive loads should be considered.

SEPCO Online Bill Complaints

If you are using electricity, there are many problems available in every region, same as Sukhar Electric Power Company (Sapco). Today, everyone is busy with routine work and wish their problem was solved on a priority basis. So in case of any issue, you can always complain to Sepco online.

People visit Sepco offices for any issues and submits an application. Today, many people find this website and call line. In the future, everyone will find this website and call line. It is always a total snooze to submit an application or watch video services online. The process of submission is long, but it’s not difficult because there are officials who want to hear from people.

How to Complain Sepco Online

If you want to complain about Sepco online, click on the above button that redirects to the official website of complaints of Wapda company is www. First of all, register and create an account. Then go for complaint. There is an online application that has important base info like customer service level ,support time, trackbacks and so on .

SEPCO Online Complaints

Following information is required to fill in the SEPCO online complaints form:

  • Complainant’s Name and Father/Husband’s Name شکایت کندہ اور والد/شوہرکا نام*
  • Address (House/Flat No, Street/Gali/Road, Village/Muhalla/Sector, Tehsil) (پتہ (گھر/فلیٹ، گلی/محلہ، گاؤں/شہر *
  • Country. ملک *
  • Select City شہر*
  • Phone No. فون نمبر
  • Cell/Whatsapp No. (0333123456,0300123456) موبائل نمبر*
  • Fax No. فیکس نمبر
  • CNIC No. شناحتی کارڈ نمبر*
  • E Mail Address ای میل
  • Passport No. پاسپورٹ نمبر
  • Against Person if any برخلاف -(اگر کوئی ہے تو
  • Complaint Subject شکایت کاعنوان:
  • Consumer/Agency Ref. No. ادارے کا حوالہ نمبر
  • Select Agency ادارہ منتحب کریں*
  • Select Agency Sub Office ادارہ کا ذیلی آفس منتحب کریں*
  • Matter of complaint شکایت کے جزیات
  • Attach Document Related to Complaint: کاغذات لگاءین

Please read the following and check the box before submitting your complaint.

شکایت کے اندراج سے پہلے نیچے دیے ھوے بیان خلفی کو غور سے پڑھ لیں


I do hereby solemnly affirm:
a. That the facts mentioned in this complaint are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
b. That no complaint on this subject has previously been lodged with Agency by me, or on my behalf.

Fill the security code and press Send Button.

SEPCO Online Complaint Status

When you are interested to check the SEPCO Online Complaint Status follow the Link

SEPCO Online Bill

Enter Your Complaint No. and Security Code Press Find Button.