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Sui Gas Bill

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Duplicate SSGC Bill

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Sui Gas System in Pakistan is split into two businesses: SNGPL, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited in addition to SSGC, Sui Southern Gas Company Limited. SNGPL is an energy distributor for natural gas across northern Pakistan while SSGC is a natural gas distributor in the southern part of Pakistan.

In Pakistan two firms, SNGPL & SSGC are involved in the distribution and supply of natural gas within their respective regions. Therefore, if there isn’t a present gas bill for the month, or the bill has not been paid the service will be useless for customers. The two companies have both launched an online portal to view the Sui gas bill and then print it for the previous month. This service is offered by the gas distributors in question free of cost. All users have to do is enter their user IDs and then view the details of their gas bill immediately. Users can print and download an additional invoice. The printed invoice is able to be used to pay the bill for gas for the month in question.

Where to Find Sui Gas Bill Account Id?

The Account ID or Consumer Number is a unique identification number that is mandatory to view bill information online.

SNGPL Bill Account ID

  • 11-digit account ID in SNGPL Bill.
  • SSGC Consumer Number
  • 10-digit consumer number in SSGC bill.

What is Sui Gas Bill?

SSGC is also known by the name of Sui Southern Company, which provides natural gas for southern Pakistan. It is comprised of two provinces: Baluchistan and Sindh. It has greater than 1200 city and the length of the high-pressure pipelines is 3614 kilometers. The company provides standard gas pipelines to all the people of the South. It is among the top well-known and professional firms in Pakistan. It is comprised of eleven members of its Board of Directors.

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is the biggest integrated gas company that serves more than 6.8 million customers across North Central Pakistan through its extensive network that spans Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. SNGPL has more than fifty years experience with the maintenance and operation of high-pressure gas distribution and transmission systems. She also expanded her responsibilities by becoming an engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for her own company and others as well as pipeline planning, design and construction.

SNGPL Sui Gas Bill Transport System

This SNGPL transport system is an 9123.75 km network of transport (main lines and rings lines) starting from Sui located in Baluchistan through Peshawar located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The system was constructed in Punjab in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, efforts were directed to distribute 4,967 large cities, as well as villages that are in close proximity by way of sixteen regional office. The distribution system comprises 135,857 kilometers of pipelines. SNGPL is home to 6.8 million customers within residential, commercial general industry, fertilizer and cement industries. The annual gas consumption to consumers from July 2019 through June 2020 was 623,724 cubic feet of natural gas.

Sui Gas SNGPL Bill & SSGC Bill Calculation

In calculating your Sui bills for gas, also known as., SNGPL Bill and SSGC Bill is not easy since the readings on the meters are measured in cubic meters (m3) and the bill is calculated by using the MMBTU (Million British Thermal Units). Compare this to the meter reading and you’ll get in difficulties because it’s not as simple to calculate the cost of electricity. The majority of people asks about their gas bill, and also inquires about the method the gas is charged from.

In this situation we require an online calculator for gas billing or formula to calculate the minimum amount of gas bills so it can be transformed from cubic meters to MMBTU and then use an appropriate gas price to determine the amount. The people who are more concerned regarding the expense of additional gas bills can check their bills in this phase.

Sui Gas Bill (SNGPL Bill & SSGC Bill) Calculation Explained

  • On the black needle, numbers in red on the gas meter display the cubic meters of gasoline (M3) employed. Add the reading from before from find the units that were that were used during the last month that are currently reading. Current reading + previous reading = units for the month. For example , 05532-05419 = 113 cubic meters
  • Dividing cubic meters into 100 cubic meters to get the monthly gas reading of cubic kilometers (Hm3). For instance 113/100 equals 1.13 cubic meters.
  • GCV is displayed on the bill for gas. For the calculation of MMBTU, you must multiply the GCV times the quantity units that are used in Hm3 and divide it by 281.7358. For instance, (1.13 933) (or 281.7358 equals 3.7420 MMBtu at the moment.
  • Now, the bill for gas is the last thing to do. Multiply the gas consumption by MMBTU and then multiply that by the speed of the tray.

SNGPL has established different panels to pay domestic consumer bills. Additional amounts, such as VAT, meter rental etc. are included in the invoice. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) are two distinct companies that supply gas supplies to Pakistan.

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  • Types of Sui Gas Bill

Below are the different kinds of Sui gas bills.

Normal Sui Gas bill

The billing meters are issued based on what the meters reads the basis of which it is mounted and is calculated according to the rates established by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all types of consumers. In general, a pressure factor is used to determine the correct amount of gas that is used by commercial customers. However, extreme temperatures and pressure coefficients are utilized to calculate the proper volume of gas consumed by industrial/wholesale customers. For domestic SHBG customers the monthly SHBG price is sent the OGRA as well as all SHBG customers are charged in accordance with the SHBG tariff.

Estimated (Provisionally) Bill

If the actual readings of meters are not recorded due to reasons beyond our control the estimate (temporary) charge is presented to the customer. The main reasons include:

  • Index of dirty/misty glass.
  • The water contained in meters.
  • The instrument was covered with dust.
  • The meter is surrounded by the bushes.
  • Meters under rainwater.
  • The meter is placed above what is the standard height.
  • The Meter position is not reachable.
  • The meter is locked within the building.
  • No premises found.

Estimates of (temporary) bill amounts are determined by consumption during the same time frame of the prior year depending upon the pattern of the prior bill or the equivalent area category. If the expected readings from the meter are available and it is possible to adjust the balance of your (interim) account is adjusted to reflect the new total account.

Minimum Sui Gas Bill

Minimum invoices are issued when the consumption equals zero or less than the utilization rate based on rates published to the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all kinds of customers. Here is the minimum wage for a few types of customers reported by OGRA. These include the cost of meter rental as well as taxes on sales (GST).


Minimum Charges (Rs. per month)


(a) Standalone Meters (b) Mosques, Churches, Temples, Madrassas, Other Religious Places and Hostels attached thereto. Rs. 172.58
Government & Semi-Government Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Maternity Homes, Government Guest Houses, Armed Forces Messes, Langars, Universities, Colleges, Schools and Private Educational Institutions, Orphanages, and other Charitable Institutions along-with Hostels and Residential Colonies to whom gas is supplied through bulk meters. Rs. 3,900.00


(All establishments registered as commercial units with local authorities or dealing in consumer items for direct commercial sale like cafes, bakeries, milk-shops, tea stalls, canteens, barbershops, laundries, hotels, malls, places of entertainment like cinemas, clubs, theaters, and private offices, corporate firms, etc. Rs. 6,415.00

Commercial Special (Roti Tandoors)

Rs. 148.50
Ice Factories Rs. 6,415.00
General Industry Rs. 36,449.70
CNG Rs. 45,803.10
Cement Rs. 45,588.90

Power Stations(WAPDA’s and KESC’s Power Stations)

(i) WAPDA’s & KESC’s Power Stations and other Electricity Utility companies Rs. 29,416.80
(ii) WAPDA’s Gas Turbine Power Station, Nishatabad, Faisalabad Rs. 975,000  (Fixed Charges)
(iii) Liberty Power Limited’s Gas Turbine Power Plant (Phase 1) at Dharki Rs. 44,972.79
Independent Power Producers Rs. 29,416.80
Captive Power Rs. 36,449.70

Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill

If the meter is viscous or off (broken) and fails to record the gas that flows across it, an invoice will be issued for the meter that is fixed or stopped. It is calculated using the average consumption during the season (summer/winter) for the local type, and in the case of commercial and industrial type, it is determined on the basis of the past two months or more than the average consumption of two months as per the gas sale agreement.

SNGPL Profile

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) began operations as a private limited company in 1963 and became a public company under the Companies Act 1913, now known as The Companies Act 2017, in January 1964, and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

Attock Oil Company Limited transferred to Dhulian-Rawalpindi-Wah system (217 miles of 16-inch pipeline) and Sui-Multan System (80 miles of 10-inch pipeline) from Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC). As a result, the company began commercial operations by selling 47 MMCFD of gas in an average of two regions, i.e., Mullan and Rawalpindi, serving an aggregate of 67 households.

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is the largest combined gas company serving more than 7.22 million consumers in North Central Pakistan through an extensive network in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It is endorsed against ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Standards. In addition, SNGPL’s 11 sites have been enrolled under the “SMART2” Program by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PAK-EPA). We have operated and maintained high-pressure gas transmission and distribution systems for over 50 years. Furthermore, the company has expanded its activities as an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor, planning, designing, and building pipelines for itself and for other companies.

SNGPL Transmission System

The SNGPL transmission system stretches from Sui in Baluchistan to Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and comprises over 9,172 km of transmission lines (main lines and loop lines). In Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 16 regional offices are responsible for distribution in 5,284 main towns and adjacent villages. The total pipeline length is 142,998 kilometers. SNGPL serves over 7.22 million consumers, including those in the commercial, domestic, fertilizer, power, and cement sectors. For the period July 2019 – June 2020, 623,724 MMCF of natural gas were sold to consumers.

Due to a shortage of indigenous supplies, SNGPL had secured the completion of about 1100 Kms of 42″-16″ pipelines as well as the installation of 35000 HP compression in order to receive an additional 1200 MMCFD RLNG into its transmission system. While executing the project, there were a number of hurdles/obstacles encountered. Despite this, SNGPL’s leadership, planning, design, procurement, and execution teams’ instrumental approach, relentless efforts, and day and night work enabled the company to complete the project in record time.

In the history of the Pakistani gas market, this is the largest project ever completed. In the shortest amount of time ever recorded with such a large job, the project is completed using purely internal resources and expertise. After the energization of LNG terminals in the country and completion of the RLNG transport infrastructure and pipelines, RLNG is now supplied throughout the year to all categories of consumers, including Industrial, Power, Cement, CNG, Commercial, and Domestic.

Company Registration Number: CUIN-0043761

National Tax Number(NTN): 0801137-7

General Sales Tax Number(GST): 03-91-9999-967-19

SUI Northern Gas Bill Online

Sui Gas Bill Online Payment

How can I check my sui gas bill?

Question: Where can one deposit his/her SNGPL bill?
Answer: The following banks allow SNGPL bills to be deposited.

ABL: Allied Bank Limited.
FWB: First Women Bank.
HBL: Habib Bank Limited.
MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.
NBP: National Bank Of Pakistan.
MCB: Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.
NIB: National Investment Bank.
UBL: United Bank Limited.
Askari Bank Limited.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the process of recording the consumption of gas for every customer?

The gas meter that is installed by SSGC tracks the amount of gas consumed by the user in cubic feet or cubic meters according to the consumer. These meters record gas consumption using digital portable devices. The monthly red numbers are recorded and stored as the initial evidence of the gas sales made by the company.

Q 2. What is the schedule of billing cycles or dates on when the company will send the invoice to their customers?

SSGC must follow the OGRA guidelines to send gas bills that are based on meters to consumers on a thirty day basis. Make sure to use clear billing software to ensure coverage. Billing software is specifically designed to give 12-month meter readings and annual billing, respectively. Commercial and industrial customers are charged for the month of calendar, and meters of customers will be read the final day of the month.

Q 3. Which are the interim Sui Gas Bill?

If, for any reason, the counter cannot be in use during the billing process, temporarily invoices (system produced) are issued. The amount of the temporary invoice is changed later to reflect a higher invoice, based on the current amount at the time of this billing period. The reasons behind temporary billing are stated in the notes on the invoice. Customers can reach the closest CFC or Billing Zone for questions and questions. The contact numbers and address of the closest CFC or Billing branch are listed on the gas bill in the regions in which they are located.

Q 4. What is the fee for billing base on?

Gas bills that are reported through OGRA for the category of meter and the applicable taxes for the class of consumers are calculated in accordance with an existing tariff. The calculation of your gas bill is on your gas bills including GST, WHT and WHT. The bill offers a period of billing that is based on the units used with the unit’s price in accordance with the OGRA declared price.

Q5. What are the current OGRA rates for domestic customers? and settlements on invoices?

The most recent valid panel’s prices including MMBTU prices, SCM prices and the charges for the different panels are:

Rs / MMBtu

121,004.2510.54 Third planks all the way to 200 cm738.0025.93 Rs. 4600 to Rs. 7600 per month. 400cm to the fifth plate 1. 107,001460.00 From 18.290 Indian dollars per month

Slabs Rs./MMBTU Est. Rate / SCM Est. Bill Amount
Minimum Gas Charges 172.58    Fixed at  Rs. 230 per month
1st Slab upto 50 CMs 121 4.25 from Rs.230 to Rs.270 per month
2nd Slab upto 100 CMs 300 10.54  from Rs.280 to Rs.890 per month
3rd Slab upto 200 CMs 553 19.43  from Rs.1,280 to Rs.3,530 per month
4th Slab upto 300 CMs 738 25.93 from Rs.4,600 to Rs.7,600 per month
5th Slab upto 400 CMs 1,107.00 38.9  from Rs.9,170 to Rs.13,680 per month
6th Slab above 400 CMs 1,460.00 51.3  starting from Rs.18,290 per month

* SCM collaborated using GCV 990 (BTU SCF)

* As per the announced OGRA tariff, prior to users will only receive one plate.

Q6: What is the minimum commission?

If the consumption is less than the specified amount in any calendar month, the minimal fee is due to the user. OGRA will also report the minimum commission to all kinds of customers.

Q7: What’s the “pressure correction factor” (PCF)?

Pressure Correction Factors are used to convert gas volume into a standard volume for base meters.

Q8: What is the price in gas heat (GCV)?

Gross calorific values (GCV) are the quantity of heat created from the total combustion of one unit of natural gas. The GCV credit to the account of the customer appears on the gas invoice.

Q9: What is BTU / MMBTU?

A constant pressure at ambient temperature, Btu can be defined as the quantity of energy required to increase the temperature of a kilogram (0.454 kilograms) of water that is liquid in 0.556 decimal degrees (1 degree F). If 1 BTU is expressed in millions, it’s known as million British thermal units (MMBTU). Volume, measured by cubic meters or cubic inches, then converted in British Thermal Units (BTU) is determined by the high quality of the gas you see in your invoice as GCV.

MMBTU = MCFX GCV/ 1000 the MCF (thousand cubic feet) = SCM 28.17385 or 28.17385 or SCF 10

Q10. What is rental for meters?

The gas meter that is installed on the customer’s home is the property of SSGC as well as the month-long rental in the amount of EUR $20 per month has been calculated using the standard gas meters for households (G4 as well as G1.6) and differs for other installed customers. The installation of the meter is dependent on. Notice of approval for variable and fixed compensation for meters in accordance with OGRA.

Q11. What is LPS? When can it be used?

If the account is in default, a home-user LPS charge of 10 percent of the checking account will be assessed. For commercial and industrial clients, LPS will be charged at an amount of 1.5 percent each month during the initial year, then the balance for 2 monthly gas bills subject to an approved fixed charge and variable charges notice.

Q12. What is GSD? What do the charges are is based on?

GSD is a security deposit for the gas supply that the company holds for each customer for the sum of a monthly average charge for usage. The deposit of the customer is inspected each year, and if the GSD is required to be changed the amount is transferred to the customer.

Q13. What is PUG?

If, for whatever reason, a gas meter stops or ceases to record a regularly provided natural gas supply this meter is known as an Unrecorded Gas Pass (PUG).. The company is changing the counter. The estimated cost is calculated using what is used by the PUG counter.

B14. What is the price for a counter that is slow?

It’s also a form of PUG meter. In this instance the meter is a mechanical instrument and there is a chance of wear from aging. SSGC has replaced these meters within its scheduled replacement program for meters. The meter is tested in the laboratory for all meters. If there is a slowdown the user is then accountable for the amount.

Q15. Who is accountable for a home line leak?

The customer is accountable for the maintenance and repair of house lines, pipelines and internal pipelines as well as gas installations only after they have been inspected by the meters have been installed. Internal leaks that lead to excess billing due to the gas loss is at the discretion of the customer and will be invoiced. It is important to report gas leaks promptly to the hotline 1199 since this can also pose the risk of security.

Q16. When do I be able to pay for the gas invoice?

All gas and other consumer payments with the “due date” are displayed on invoices.

Q17. What options do I have to pay for Sui Gas Bill?

  • In all the virtual post / bank offices.
  • Commercial banking services like. ATM, internet bank, debit / credit card
  • Mobile apps like Easy Paisa & Jazz Cash.
  • SSGC mobile application (under development)

Q18. What options are offered under your gas sale contract?

According to the gas sales agreement between the firm and its customers the allowed gas usage is:

1 Meter – kitchen as well as the heating system are utilized for household purposes.

Q19. How can I reduce cost of the SNGPL Gas Bill and conserve gas?

Installation of gas-efficient appliances, such as Instant heaters, certified thermostats for heaters,

Reduce waste and save money. Cone baffles and timers that is smart for pressure vessels and heaters.

Be aware when you read meters, and make a commitment to safeguard the meter, and beware of leakage, theft, damages or any damages.

Q 20 What’s the reason why I’m required to update my personal data on the SNGPL Bill?

Make sure you update your SNGPL account information and gas bill.

Change your personal details such as CNC as well as NTN to the latest CFC to avoid disconnecting.

Q21. Where do I file an urgent complaint about the Sui Gas Bill?

For complaints and emergencies for complaints or emergencies, please call to the SSGC 1199 Contact Center open 24/7.

Q22: Has the customer been being contacted in the event of an SNGPL gas cutoff of the meter?

The customer is able to call any customer service center (CFC) to reinstate the gas supply. The customer must send a copy of the SNGPL gas bill by the customer to CFC support.

Q23. What is the reason why gas connection cut off when you print or mention the date and time of payment? What is the reason? Is it too early?

The deadline for paying the gas bill is only applicable to this bill. If gas bills from the past are not paid, gas supply may be cut off at any point. Customers should immediately cancel their outstanding gas bills in order to prevent interruptions in gas supply or restore gas supply before they are shut off.

Q24. The gas connection cost was paid (SNGPL or SSGC) but the connection hasn’t been restored. Do you have air (open or meter not connected)?

After payment of any unpaid gas bills, the customer is required to provide a copy the bill paid by any CFC as well as a copy of the CNIC to reinstate your gas service. If the time between separations is less than six months the gas supply will be restored within 24 hours of the date of the payment. In the event that gas was shut off for longer than 6 months, the structure was cleaned as per normal operating procedures. This could take between 7 and 10 days to fully recover.

Q25. Does SSGC provide payment for installments on Sui Gas Bill?

SSGC provides an easy installment program for its valued customers. They can connect to any CFC to inquire about any installment plans.

Online SNGPL Sui gas bill is available for free. allows you to view SNGPL online bills, download and print SNGPL Suigas duplicate bill.

Since Sui Northern gas bills sometimes aren’t received on time, you can view them online. To avoid late payment surcharges or disconnection of Sui Gas connection, you can download your Sui gas bill online.

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SNGPL stands for Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited.

SNGPL distributes natural gas to Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Azad Jammu Kashmir, and Islamabad Capital territory.

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited was founded in 1963 in Lahore, as a private limited firm. In January 1964, SNGPL became a public limited company under the Companies Act 1913. As of now, it is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) under the Companies Act 2017.