WASA Bill 2023 – Help

Now you can access your WASA Bill each month by clicking here; Electronates.com is a free website that makes it possible to access your WASA online bill on the internet easily. Below, you can view your current bill, up to date, and view the entire bill with any charges due. You can also enter your bill reference number in the box below to view the details of your WASA duplicate online bill.

How to Check WASA Duplicate Bill

wasa bill

To make customers more comfortable and help them avoid stress, Punjab Information Technology Board has launched a new method that will issue an online duplicate bill from WASA. So if you’ve lost your bill or for any other reason you’d like to verify your duplicate bill, you’re only one step away.

When you follow the following steps, you’ll be able to obtain your online duplicate bill for WASA.

How to Get WASA Account Number:

Account numbers are required to view your bill online. However, you don’t have to fret about this issue. If you follow these simple steps, you can get the WASA account number in only a few minutes.

  • Your WASA account is identified by the one you see on your bill.
  • The ID for the account is the WASA consumer number.
  • Below is the picture of the bill and highlighted the account’s number.
  • Take out all of the WASA bills, find that account’s account number then follow the procedure which is laid out.

Steps to Check WASA Online Bill:

  • After receiving the account numbers, head directly to WASA’s official site.
  • When you click on this link, you will be taken to the official site of WASA
  • Select the billing option
  • Three options will be displayed in your display, in line with the above image.
  • Click here to open an invoice that is duplicate
  • Enter 8-digit account number
  • Following the above steps, after which, hit on the submit button.
  • The bill will appear visible on your screen.
  • You can now download the bill and take a photocopy.


The Water And Sanitation Agency (WASA) (Urdu : ایجنسی برائے پانی اور نکاسی آب) is a government body with the responsibility of the planning, designing development, maintenance, and repair and operating of the water supply and sewerage drainage system in Pakistan. The mission’s primary objective is to ensure a secure, reliable, efficient, and reliable water supply that meets the demands of both the government and private sectors.

Objectives of WASA

Punjab Information Technology Board developed an Online Duplicate Billing System for WASA in 2013. Prior to implementing the online system, customers had to visit their local WASA zonal offices to obtain their duplicate invoices, which resulted in a lot of stress and hassle. This Online Duplicate Billing System designed by PITB has, in turn, helped to eliminate a lot of stress and frustration for the customer. The system allows WASA customers to download a duplicate invoice anytime they need to by providing an eight-digit account number. Additionally, PITB has also trained the employees from WASA in managing their bill databases; each month, the regional offices of WASA submit their bills into the system, thereby making it easy to access the bill data.

Additionally, as part of the Online Duplicate Billing System, PITB oversees the WASA’s online presence. This website, together with other user-friendly details, displays the various rates (domestic commercial, industrial, and charitable) provided through WASA and shows the banks and locations where customers can be able to pay for the bill(s).

WASA Organization

WASA is the Organization of WASA is headed by the Managing Director, who is supported by the three Assistant Managing Director. DMD Finance, Administration & Revenue, DMD Operation & Maintenance, as well as DMD Engineering. There are more than 6200 WASA employees spread across different areas. WASA earns revenue from the sale of water, Sewerage, and Aquifer.

The Provincial Government allocates a share of property tax. The budget and the increase in user fees are approved by the Government of Punjab. The approval of expenditures and procurement is governed by the financial regulations that are imposed by the Government.

WASA Lahore Services

The WASA Lahore strives to be a perfect company that offers top-quality service to its clients who demand the best service, thanks to the dedication and commitment of WASA’s personnel. WASA Lahore aims at contributing to making Lahore city cleaner and eco-friendly by:

  • Provides high-quality consumer services in the area of Water Supply and Sewerage.
  • Ensure cost-effective measures are implemented for development operation and maintenance.
  • Respecting professional ethics and having zero tolerance for corruption.
  • The revenue generated should be enough to cover development costs and create a system that is self-sustainable.
  • Motivating and training employees, and to build cooperation, and improving communication on all levels.

WASA Bill Tariff


Wasa bill for all houses and flats are residential in which water is used exclusively for household use.


Any establishment that is registered as commercial entities with local authorities or offering consumer products that can be sold commercially directly, like bakeries, cafes, shops, cafés, tea-stalls laundries, barbershops, and places of entertainment such as cinemas, theatres, clubs, clinics, offices, and maternity homes and so on. are included in this category. Additionally, any non-domestic business can be classified as commercial when deemed appropriate by the Agency.


All consumers engaged in the processing of industrial raw material into value-added finished products irrespective of the volume of water consumed, including service station, carpet washing adds, commercial/government/semi-government organizations & corporate bodies, etc. however, except for those sectors for which a special price has been set and who pay the industrial tariff.


Charitable tariff plans are available to churches, mosques, temples, madrassas, and other religious sites.

Where to Pay WASA Bill
wasa bill

WASA Bill Payment Through QR Code

In the wake of IT reforms, WASA Lahore has become the pioneer in   Pakistan to facilitate its consumers  to pay WASA Bill by scanning QR codes  printed on bills through Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered Bank & HBL Mobile Apps.

You may pay your wasa bill at the cash counter of the following banks:

  • NADRA Kiosk Center
  • General Post Office
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Bank Al Habib Limited
  • Dawood Islamic Bank
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited

WASA  Help Line

wasa help line

(042) 99332100, 99332101

WASA  Complaint Center

(042) 99268439
Head Office, Gulberg II, Lahore.

The contact details for handling complaints about wasa bill at the sub divisional offices are as follows:

  • Allama Iqbal Town
  • Gunk Bukhsh Town
  • Nishter Town
  • Ravi Town
  • Shalimar Town
  • Aziz Bhatti Town
  • Drainage Directorate

How to Get a New Water Connection

Documents Required

  • Attested Photocopy of CNIC
  • Attested Photocopy of Sale Deed / Proof of Ownership
  • Copy of Assessment (E&T Deptt)
  • Site Plan to Indicate Location of Property

Types of WASA Connections

  • Domestic (Metered)
  • Commercial (Metered)
  • Construction (Metered)
  • Charitable

New Connection Process

For an additional water connection in Lahore, you must contact the Sub Divisional Officer WASA located in your region. This Sub Divisional Officer will issue an application for the New Connection Form after applying. The new connection form contains the agreement for connection between the customer and WASA. The Sub Divisional officer, following the verification of the site and arrears report, forwards the form to the relevant Revenue Division for computerization of data and the issue of demand notice/challan.

The Deputy Director of Revenue, when documents are received information, will then return the new connection form and the security certificate. The SDO, after receiving security, will require an installation for a brand new water connection and return the new connection form (after entering the date of installation) together with the security the challan to be used for billing. A projected advance bill of 6 Moths is also included in the challan that is later adjusted in monthly bills.

Rules & Regulations

Initial Recruitment

Service concerns of WASA workers are covered through The LDA (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Regulations of 1978. According to Regulation 12(1) of the LDA Act, grade 16 and above appointments are made based on tests or interviews held by the relevant Committee and after the advertisement of vacant positions in the newspapers. Similar to Grade 1 through 15, appointments are made similarly. Additionally, the candidate for an initial meeting to a job must have the required educational qualifications and experience and meet the minimum age requirements set in the regulations.


Promotions and selections of qualified candidates are examined and approved by the Committee.